Bragg's office spends valuable resources on Trump case despite being tasked with criminal prosecution in Manhattan

November 25, 2023

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is likely most well-known for his case against former President Donald Trump. However, on Nov. 21, he announced some other aspects of his job as well. 

A press release from the New York District Attorney's Office announced the indictment of Lenue Moore, 21, for shooting and killing Jacqueline Billini, 57; her friend Levaughn Harvin, 42; and Billini’s dog, Zeus.

In a New York State Supreme Court indictment, Moore is accused of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon (twice), aggravated criminal contempt (twice), and aggravated cruelty to animals (twice).

Bragg's Comments on the Case

“As alleged, Lenue Moore tracked down and fired multiple shots at Jacqueline Billini, Harvin Levaughn and a dog in a vicious act of cruelty after Ms. Billini appropriately reported Mr. Moore to law enforcement for previous alleged acts of violence,” Bragg said, according to the press release.

“Two beloved New Yorkers are dead, and my thoughts are with their utterly devastated family members in their ongoing grief.

"The presence of a gun makes any situation far more likely to turn lethal, and ridding our streets of illegal firearms and the violence they bring remains my top priority as district attorney.”

Documents and testimony presented in court indicate that Moore and his neighbor, Billini, were at odds for some time due to noise. Billini's arm was broken and another person was hurt as he tried to kick down her apartment door on April 11, 2023.

In the same event, he injured a third individual while swinging a hammer through a breach in the door. Billini contacted the authorities, who issued protective orders for all three women.

On Sept. 29, Billini and her friend were walking their dogs when Moore shot and killed them. Moore fled and was later arrested by NYPD who found him hiding in Brooklyn.

Bragg's Focus

Despite Moore's case, and a plethora of other criminal issues plaguing the city of Manhattan, Bragg has put considerable time into the prosecution of Trump, who is accused of state and federal election fraud.

According to one report in Raw Story, driving the prosecution led by Bragg is a "scheme to commit tax fraud, a scheme to commit state and federal election fraud, and it was all facilitated by these false entries according to the prosecution's theory of the case."

This comment from former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade, who explained her perspective during an appearance on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.

Bragg previously argued that Trump is attempting to leverage his status to dodge responsibility.

"This argument is essentially an attempt to evade criminal responsibility because the defendant is politically powerful," the prosecutor wrote in the 98-page filing.

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