Young British father-to-be dies weeks after terrible car wreck following gender reveal party

 July 29, 2023

A young man in the United Kingdom found out nearly a month ago that he was a father-to-be, only to then be involved in a terrible car accident roughly 30 minutes after the gender of the baby was revealed at a party.

That young man, identified as Ben Cann, 20, of the town of Dudley, passed away on July 24 from the grievous injuries he sustained in the July 2 wreck, the New York Post reported.

His family is now speaking out about the absolute tragedy of him losing his own life at the same time that he helped create a new life.

Mother speaks out about tragic loss

According to the Durham Reporter, Ben Cann was "ecstatic" at the July 2 gender reveal party that shared the news that he would be the proud father of a little baby girl who is due to be born in December.

Unfortunately, just 30 minutes after that revelation, the 20-year-old father-to-be was involved in a horrible two-vehicle accident in the town of Killingworth that left him hospitalized for about three weeks until he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

"When he popped the balloon and found out that he was having a girl he was ecstatic. I got the moment on video. He had left his gender reveal 20 minutes before the crash," mother Judith Cann said.

"Ben was never a party person, but he loved that day. He had the best day and had the biggest smile on his face," she continued. "The one thing we can all say as a family is that we all got hugs and love and smiles and the best time with him on that day."

"I could go on for the rest of my life telling you what I thought about Ben," the grieving mother added. "He was an absolute diamond and all his friends say that if any of them needed him he was always there."

Friend raising funds to support family in mourning

One of those friends, Alexandra Farrell, set up a GoFundMe account on behalf and in support of Cann and his family and the future daughter that he will tragically never meet.

She wrote, "Ben has a beautiful little princess on the way we all know he would of made the most perfect daddy anyone could of wished for, he was beaming with pride popping that balloon seeing he was having a little girl surrounded by the most loving family."

"Many people loved Ben and [knew] he’d do absolutely anything to help anyone," the friend added. "Now it’s our time to take pressure from Bens family and show how much he was loved by us all. Let’s give Ben the most amazing send off which he deserves. Let’s make sure it takes over his home town of Dudley."

Investigator laments "awful news" of Cann's death

The BBC reported that the July 2 car accident that ultimately killed Cann three weeks later remains under investigation by Sgt. Dave Roberts of the Northumbrian Police Motor Patrol Department. He is asking the public for any assistance that can be offered, particularly dash cam footage, that might help determine exactly what occurred.

"This is absolutely awful news and all our thoughts remain with Ben's loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened," Roberts said upon learning of Cann's death.

The sergeant added, "Any death on our roads is a tragedy, but it is always especially poignant when it involves a young person with their full life ahead of them -- and with so much to look forward to, given he was due to become a father for the first time."

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