British reality star Olivia Bowen hospitalized following horse riding accident

 June 4, 2023

Fans of British reality television were shocked last week to learn that Love Island star Olivia Bowen was rushed to hospital following an accident. 

According to The Sun, Bowen sustained a broken wrist last weekend after she was kicked off a horse while training for a race.

Star thanks fans for showing their support after her hospital visit

The Sun noted that Bowen put up an Instagram post on Thursday in which she expressed gratitude to her fans for showing their concern.

"Thank you for the messages," the reality star wrote. "I don't know what to say at the moment I'm pretty shocked and quite upset seeing as I am just now preparing for the race in August."

"I'm waiting for an appointment at the fracture clinic. This happened last Saturday I fell off a horse when I was training," Bowen went on to add.

Bowen seeks advice from Instagram followers on "herbal or Chinese medicine"

"Obviously didn't think it was broken and carried on with my life! Got home yesterday and knew something wasn't right as it wasn't getting any easier if not felt worse!" she added.

Bowen later put up a post in which she solicited recommendations from followers regarding "herbal or Chinese medicine" in order to "aid healing" of her broken wrist.

Bowen had previously revealed that her horse is named Express Yourself and explained that she "got back on, big girl knickers ON & remembering why I’m doing this!"

"Look we’re trying to prove that anything is possible as a woman if you give her the tools," equestrian made a point of stressing.

From reality television romance to fashion line career

"So I’m picking the tools back up & I am doing this, no matter how scared I am or how hard it gets. I know I’ll miss it all when it’s over!" the TV star concluded.

Bowen rose to fame on the 2016 season of "Love Island" alongside Alex Bowen, who she became engaged to the following year. The pair went on to marry in 2018 during a televised ceremony.

In addition to having an onscreen career, OK! magazine reported in 2017 that Bowen launched her own clothing line with MissPap, complete with maternity gear.

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