Brooklyn judge forced off bench for 'racist' and 'homophobic' remarks

 January 10, 2023

A New York stepped down this week after facing the consequences for her behavior in her own courtroom. 

Given their position and responsibility, judges, at all levels, seem to enjoy a type of quiet immunity that shields them from their own antics.

But according to the Daily Caller, that wasn't the case with a Brooklyn, New York-based judge who is finally facing the music for her alarming actions and behavior.

The judge had been under fire by the Inspector's General office after it found that a number of reports filed against her were valid.

What happened?

Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court Judge Harriet Thompson resigned this week, claiming a shoulder injury sidelined her from putting up a defense.

The judge had been accused of making homophobic and racist remarks in the courtroom.

She was set to face a Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) hearing on Jan. 17. Clearly the judge had enough sense left to know when her time was up, opting to resign and not face the inevitable embarrassment of a formal reprimand likely firing.

The DC noted: "Thompson had been suspended with pay since December 2021 after an investigation by the Inspector General for state courts concluded that the claims against her were supported."

What did she say?

The judge reportedly said a number of outrageously racist and homophobic things that led to where she is now. The judge apparently hates gay white men, in particular.

She had reportedly targeted four of her colleagues, saying previously that her colleagues were “gay racist f—-ts” who were “all f—king each other” and “trying to ruin me and get me."

In 2018, she said, "I hate these gay white men … being gay is an abomination to mankind."

Among many other reports, the racist judge was also accused of saying, "I do not like Hispanic people. They have a deceitful trait that goes way back to biblical times."

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