Brooklyn judge frees man who sucker punched mom of three, then retires to Florida

 May 5, 2024

While soft-on-crime prosecutors are bad enough, America has another issue with soft-on-crime judges. 

That was evidenced once again in a case overseen by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Matthew Sciarrino, which involved a thug who broke the jaw of a woman with three children.

According to the New York Post, not only did Sciarrino set free the serial sucker-punching jerk, but he decided to retire to Florida while still having a year and a half left on his mayoral appointment to the bench.

The now-retired Brooklyn judge has a history of setting free violent offenders who, surprise, commit additional offenses once they're set free.

What's going on?

Franz Jeudy, 33, was arrested for the brutal punching attack that left a school bus aide, Dulche Pichardo, 57 seriously injured. The attack happened while she was walking home from work, in broad daylight.

The attacker, the Post noted, had a rap sheet involving the same type of assaults.

The Post noted:

The suspect cut loose after allegedly socking a Big Apple woman in the face — breaking her jaw and knocking out several teeth — in a brazen daylight attack has a rap sheet of similar sucker-punch assaults to his name and a long history of mental illness, The Post has learned.

Raul Gomez, the victim's son, weighed in on the judge's sudden retirement.

"Good riddance, honestly," he said. "Hopefully the next judge will be wiser and less ridiculous in his decisions. . . . Hopefully they appoint better judges, although I’m skeptical that will happen."

"I think [Sciarrino] made a great decision" to retire, Gomez added. "He should be out of law. People like him have no business being in Brooklyn court – it’s absurd he got into such a high position."

He'll do it again

One of the obvious and primary concerns regarding letting a violent criminal free is the likelihood of them committing more crimes. The victim, Pichardo, has that fear regarding her attacker.

"She’s very upset because she thinks that there’s a possibility that he could do it again, especially given that he’s been doing it so many times," Gomez added.

The judge's retirement, according to his office, has been "planned for months," and reportedly had nothing to do with the controversy surrounding the Jeudy case.

Many shared the same "good riddance" sentiment as Gomez when news broke that he was leaving the bench for Florida.

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