Bud Light boycott derailed by Trump Jr.

 April 17, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. came out Friday to criticize the conservative boycott of Anheuser-Busch, telling Republicans not to boycott Bud Light or other beers made by the brand because it "gives money to Republicans."

Conservatives were boycotting the beer brand because it chose as a spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who identifies as a girl (not a woman, an actual girl. He is 26).

Trump released a video on Independent TV that disagreed with the boycott, causing a split in Republican opinions on the matter.

"Do not let up"

Republicans quickly started tossing aside their Bud Lights last week when they learned about the company's sponsorship of Mulvaney, and they didn't all seem to jump on board when Trump Jr. called for the boycott to stop.

Bonchie of Red State was particularly skeptical of the National Republican Committee's decision to delete a fundraising page that focused on the boycott.

"Republicans are currently folding like a wash-and-wear suit in the campaign against Anheuser-Busch," he said. "I’d like to say I’m surprised by this latest development, but am I really?"

He also called for the boycott to continue unless Anheuser-Busch fires the VP of marketing that hired Mulvaney as an influencer.

"Do not let up because the moment you let up, these woke corporations will run directly over you," Bonchie warned. "That issue is far more important than a few hundred thousand in donations to Republicans."

More pushback

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire also pushed back against Trump Jr. and the RNC's position.

Walsh framed the issue as "grass roots conservatism vs. the establishment, as always."

And while the GOP really can't afford these kinds of divisions, they nevertheless exist and need to be dealt with somehow.

Is it the GOP's job to go to war with the culture and try to make all the wrong things right, or is it better to focus on less divisive issues like the economy? At any rate, these public disagreements are undoubtedly cheered by the left and should be avoided whenever possible.

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