Businessmen Promise To 'Immediately Discontinue' Working In NYC Over Trump Verdict

 February 26, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has to be feeling the support and love pour in!

Some businessmen are so disgusted with the recent verdict banning Trump from running business in New York for the next three years that they are cancelling business plans left and right.

One of those men goes by the name of Grant Cardone, a massive player in the real estate world.

Cardone let it fly on a recent interview on “FOX & Friends.”

“We thought this year was the opportunity to come into Chicago, California and New York City. I've been waiting for 40 years now to invest in that marketplace. I was completely confident this was the year to come. And when that ruling happened, it was like, pencils down. Don't touch it. Don't go there,” Cardone said.

Cardone did not stop there.

He went on to discuss just how concerned he is about the repercussions he fears this ruling could have on New York, Chicago, and L.A.

“We invest for 14,000 investors at Cardone Capital that depend on cash flow. And if I can't predict the cash flow because of some ruling, or because of the migrants, or because I can't evict people, New York City just keeps doing every single thing they can to sell real estate in Florida, not sell real estate in New York.”

He ended with a final blow, letting everyone know what a mistake the ruling on Trump truly was for the economic status on three of the biggest cities in the country.

"We were going to put $1 billion in New York City this year. We were going to put $1 billion in Chicago and maybe another billion in Los Angeles. And we won't touch any of them now. Texas, Florida, Arizona: Go hard, go big and go long,” Cardone concluded.

At the end of the day, the former president is no average joe.

No matter if you stand with Trump or not, you know he is one of the biggest players in the business world.

Trump has one of the most powerful voices in the world.

There’s no way this ruling will not cause a domino effect in the business world.

Cardone knows that and is not taking any chances.

Do you think the ruling against Trump will stand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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