Byron Donalds calls for Fani Willis to be disbarred

 January 22, 2024

Florida Republican Byron Donalds called for Fulton County DA Fani Willis to be disbarred over her inappropriate relationship with a special prosecutor. 

Willis is accused of having an affair with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in Willis' case against President Trump.

Willis facing disbarment?

Lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, who is charged with Trump in Georgia, have faced disbarment for working with Trump.

Donalds suggested Willis should face the kind of treatment that liberals - who now dominate the legal profession - have seen fit to visit on conservative attorneys.

“Don’t go to the church now asking for prayer and forgiveness,” Donalds told The Megyn Kelly Show. “You knowingly did it, and you got caught. She should be removed; she should be disbarred.”

Donalds was referring to Willis' speech at a recent Atlanta church, where she claimed she and Wade were being singled out for their race.


Willis has claimed that Wade's ex-wife, Joceyln Wade, is "conspiring with interested parties in the criminal Election Interference Case... to annoy, embarrass, and oppress" her.

"Oppress" is an interesting word choice but not surprising coming from Willis, whose first instinct upon getting in trouble was to pull the race card.

Donalds, who is black, said that Willis is no victim, and she needs to accept accountability.

“The Lord did not cause you to stumble into $600,000 in taxpayer money because you’re sleeping with the dude who’s the lead prosecutor,” Donalds said. "You thought you were going to get away, and so you try to get the church’s money; that’s what happened here.”

Willis is seeking to get out of testifying in Wade's divorce case. A leading liberal lawfare expert, Norm Eisen, has urged Wade to step aside.

The judge in Trump's case, Scott McAfee, has set a hearing on February 15 to weigh the misconduct allegations against Willis.

The scandal has created a huge embarrassment for Democrats, potentially derailing their hopes of destroying Trump's candidacy through lawfare.

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