California state senate gives unemployment checks to illegals

 June 6, 2023

Despite the state's $32 billion budget deficit, California's state senate voted last week to give $300 per week in unemployment to illegal immigrants for at least 20 weeks. 

Under the plan, workers would not have their employers contacted or be required to provide a social security number. Instead, they could prove they worked the required amount by providing transaction logs on a payment app, tax returns, or receipts that show they commuted to qualify for the payments.

The bill now moves to the Assembly, which is also heavily Democrat. It is expected to pass and be signed by Newsom.

Remember when a couple months ago, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said the influx of illegal immigrants could "break" California? I guess the Senate doesn't remember it either.

Lots of free stuff for immigrants

In the state, illegal immigrants can already get driver's licenses and free health care even though Medi-Cal costs the state a total of $35.5 billion a year. If all 2 million illegal immigrants in California are on Medi-Cal, it is costing the state $4.73 billion.

It's supposed to be illegal to hire someone in the country illegally, but apparently it happens a lot in California. Do illegal immigrants file taxes, and if so, how does that work without a social security number?

Sanctuary cities and states like California have excused lawbreaking in order for migrants to enter the country, and in many ways this opened the door to other kinds of lawbreaking.

The consequences of letting people break the law are being seen every day in the U.S. as the costs of illegal immigration continue to mount.

More than money

The cost is not only money, but it's also government resources, morale of border agents, and a diminished authority in the world.

Democrats don't care about any of these consequences, because they hope that one day these illegal immigrants will become legal and be allowed to vote.

If this ever happens, it could be the end of Republican representation in office, since there are at least 12 million illegal immigrants and they are expected to vote mostly Republican.

We don't let other lawbreakers vote, so why should illegal immigrants be any different?

We can't afford it

The bottom line is, when some laws are not enforced, no laws will be respected. This country cannot afford the monetary and other costs of allowing illegal immigration to continue.

If we don't fix illegal immigration and start enforcing border laws, it will be the end of us as a country sooner or later.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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