Cancer-stricken Shannen Doherty talks about who she doesn't want at her funeral

 January 16, 2024

Actress Shannen Doherty has made no secret of her years-long battle against cancer, something which has caused the television superstar to reflect on her own mortality.

An example of that came during a recent episode of her "Let's Be Clear" podcast in which Doherty discussed one of her dying wishes. 

Doherty knows who she doesn't want at her funeral

According to Fox News, the actress told her best friend Chris Cortazzo that she has some strong feelings regarding who she wants to show up at her funeral.

"I was pleasantly surprised at my dad's [funeral] of who showed up. But it made me start thinking about who would show up to mine," Doherty recalled.

"And there's a lot of people that I think would show up that I don't want there, I don't want them there. Because the reasons for showing up aren't necessarily the best reasons," she continued.

"They don't actually really like me enough to show up to my funeral. But they will, because it's the politically correct thing to do, and they don't want to look bad. And so, I kind of want to take that pressure off of them," Doherty stressed.

Actress wants her funeral to he "a celebration"

While Doherty did not provide any names, she said the list is "way too long" and composed of "people that really don't like me" who "know who they are."

However, she was quick to add that her fans are welcome to attend, stating, "I don't mind my fans showing up… Those are people who've supported me my entire life and my career… I love them."

Doherty also indicated that she would like her funeral to be "a celebration" similar to birthday parties she has thrown for her mother.

"I don't want people to be crying… Or people to privately [be] like, 'Thank God that b---h is dead now. Those are the things I don't want," Doherty declared.

Doherty learned of husband's affair just prior to having surgery

One person Doherty likely won't want at her funeral is her ex-husband, as the actress revealed last month that she learned of his infidelity the same day she was scheduled to have surgery.

"I went into that surgery early in the morning, and I went in after I found out that my marriage was essentially over, that my husband had been carrying on an affair for two years," Entertainment Weekly quoted Doherty as saying on her podcast.

"I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was positive that I was gonna die, and the best-case scenario in my head if I didn’t die was that I would lose the ability to walk or to talk," she lamented.

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