James Carville, Bill Maher, attack Speaker Johnson and Christians as 'fundamental threat' to U.S. that is worse than 'al-Qaeda'

 December 2, 2023

New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is not the least bit shy about how he and his conservative beliefs are guided by his devout Christian faith, and that openness about the importance of his religion drives some on the ideological left absolutely insane.

One recent example is Democratic strategist James Carville, who wildly asserted that "Christian nationalists" like Speaker Johnson pose "a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country," according to Just the News.

Carville's attack on Johnson and others who share his Christian faith came during the "Overtime" segment of host Bill Maher's "Real Time" show on HBO on Friday.

"Christian nationalism" poses a "bigger threat than al-Qaeda"

About halfway through the segment, Maher noted that both Carville and Johnson hailed from Louisiana and asked the Democratic strategist to weigh in on the new Republican House speaker after joking about Johnson's Christian faith.

"Mike Johnson and what he believes is one of the greatest threats we have today to the United States," Carville said, according to Fox News. "I promise you, I know these people."

Maher, a staunch atheist and anti-religionist, offered, "You're talking about Christian nationalism," to which Carville replied, "Absolutely. This is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country."

Those who adhere to Christian faith are a "fundamental threat" to the nation

Continuing on his rant against "Christian nationalists," Carville said, "And let me tell you something: The Speaker of the House, they got probably at least two Supreme Court justices, maybe more."

"Don't kid yourself. And people in the press have no idea who this guy is, how he was formed, what the threat is, and this is a fundamental threat to the United States," he continued. "It is a fundamental threat -- they don't believe in the Constitution. They'll tell you that. Mike Johnson himself says what is democracy but two wolves and a lamb having lunch? That's what they really, really, really believe."

"And to say, 'Oh, come on, man. That's just some crazy s--t.' No, no," Carville added. "They believe that, and they're coming and they've been doing it forever. They're funded. They're funded. They're relentless and, you know, they probably won't win for a while but they might. And if they do, the whole country blows a gasket."

Maher similarly compared "religious fanatic" Johnson to Biden Laden, mass shooters

Fox News noted that the remarks from Carville were far from being the first time that Speaker Johnson's Christian faith was attacked on Maher's program, including even in that episode on Friday, as the liberal host lambasted the conservative congressman over his "religious fanaticism" and sharply criticized his warped interpretation of Johnson's Christian beliefs.

Nor was this the first time that Johnson was compared to terrorists with regard to his Christian faith, as Maher had asserted during a show last month that the House speaker "exactly sounds like [Osama] bin Laden" in that Johnson had previously said that "depraved America deserves God's wrath."

Maher also once compared the openly Christian Johnson to a recent mass shooter in Maine, and said of the speaker, "When you're this much of a religious fanatic, there is no room for real democracy. That's not what you believe in. He said it today. 'Look in the Bible. That's my worldview.'"

"And I was reading about this horrible shooting in Maine. And, you know, we don't know much about the guy yet, but apparently he heard voices and I thought 'Is he that different than Mike Johnson?'" the liberal comedian added. "I mean, degree? Yes. But it's thinner than you'd think."

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