Cause of death of Ray Lewis's son revealed

 June 18, 2023

NBC News reports that the cause of death of Ray Lewis III - the son of former National Football League (NFL) superstar Ray Lewis - is a suspected overdose. 

This comes after Lewis's brother, Rahsaan Lewis, revealed on his Instagram page that his older brother had died.

Rahsaan Lewis wrote:

Really can't believe I'm even typing this but RIP big brother. A true angel I pray (you're) at peace now because [I know] how much you was (really) hurtin ... I love you I love you I love you.

Ray Lewis III was 28 years old.

What we know:

NBC News based its reporting on police statements and the police incident report. According to the report, a Casselberry Police Department officer was called to a house in central Florida on Wednesday. And, it is there that they found Ray Lewis III unconscious in a bedroom.

The incident report indicates that, when the officer arrived at the house, another person who was in the house was attempting to perform CPR on Lewis.

It was this individual, according to the report, who told the police officer that Lewis needed naloxone, which is the antidote for an opioid overdose. It is also being reported that officers found a blue pill near Lewis's body as well as needles and a plastic bag inside of an empty beer can.

The report states that the officer administered the antidote using Narcan. However, despite this and despite other life-saving measures, emergency personnel were unable to save Lewis's life.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Cause of death is yet to be confirmed

It is because of this incident report that outlets are reporting that Lewis died of a suspected overdose. But, this has yet to be confirmed by the official autopsy. It is unclear when the autopsy report will be released.

Casselberry Police Department officer has put out a statement, saying, "The evidence and witness accounts show this incident to be a tragic accident."

Lewis III is the son of Ray Lewis the former NFL who won two Super Bowl championships with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ray Lewis III, like his father, also played football. He was a running back in high school before switching to a cornerback in college. He originally played for the Miami Hurricanes before transferring to Coastal Carolina and then Virginia Union.

Lewis's father, at the time of this writing, has not publicly commented on the passing of his son.

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