Chelsea Clinton calls on media to leave Barron Trump alone

 March 24, 2024

After Barron Trump turned 18 years old last week, former NBC executive Mike Sington declared in a social media post that he is now "fair game."

Yet in a bombshell move, former President Donald Trump's youngest son received support from an unexpected source. 

"The media should leave him alone"

According to Newsweek, Chelsea Clinton came to Barron's defense when asked about him during an appearance on ABC's "The View."

"Yesterday, Barron Trump turned 18. There was a debate on social media, I saw it on TV, where some people are saying, 'OK, he’s now an adult, he’s now 18, he’s now fair game. He’s no longer a child,'" co-host Ana Navarro said.

"He's largely stayed out of the spotlight. He is not involved, so different from his siblings. How do you feel about it?" she asked.

"I think he’s a private citizen," Clinton insisted. "I feel so strongly that if you are a private citizen, you have an unimpeachable right to privacy, and I think the media should leave him alone."

Chelsea Clinton defended Barron Trump in 2017

However, when co-host Joy Behar asked if Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Trump Jr. should receive the same consideration, Clinton said that they required a "totally different conversation" as the three have served as "campaign" surrogates for their father.

This is not the first time Clinton has spoken out for Barron Trump, as seven years ago she asserted that he should be left alone and allowed to "have the private childhood he deserves."

Newsweek noted that for his part, Sington later opted to delete his social media post characterizing Barron Trump as being "fair game."

Former Trump administration calls Sington "creepy"

"I posted he was 'fair game' now, meaning, as an adult, he’s ‘fair game’ for criticism from the press," Sington said in a statement provided to Newsweek.

"Someone pointed out to me 'fair game' could mean fair game to be harmed.  I don’t wish physical harm on anyone, so I took it down. I listen to the comments and criticism I receive," he added.

Sington's words sparked controversy among Republicans, including from Michael R. Caputo, who formerly served as assistant secretary of public affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services.

"This creepy NBC guy is completely broken. I wonder if he has kids? Nephews? Nieces? How old are they?" he asked in a post of his own.

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