China attempting to secure support from Germany for takeover of Taiwan

April 16, 2023

The eyes of the world are focused on heavily on China's next moves regarding the independent nation of Taiwan. 

According to Fox News, the communist nation is seemingly on the hunt to strengthen allies in other foreign countries that would support what it calls a "peaceful reunification" of Taiwan with China, including Germany.

Of course, "peaceful reunification" is likely the last outcome, with all-out war and destruction being the more likely scenario should China attempt to retake the island.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock met with her Chinese counterparts in China recently, where they attempted to convince her that Germany should support its mission.

"Inevitable repercussions"

Baerbock isn't buying it, saying on Friday "A military escalation in the Taiwan Strait, through which ... 50% of world trade goes every day, would be a horror scenario for the entire world."

The German diplomat added that she believes

Wang Yi, China's top diplomat, reportedly said that he "hopes and believes" Germany will support the nation when the time comes for "reunification," noting that China supported the reunification of Germany after World War II.

"To maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait, it is necessary to firmly oppose separatist activities related to 'Taiwan independence'," the Chinese diplomat said.

Taiwanese officials thanked the German diplomat for her stance, saying in a statement, "The Foreign Ministry thanks many high-level officials in the executive departments of various countries, including Germany, for their solidarity with Taiwan."

Taiwan controversy

China's insistence on the "One China" principle, which maintains that Taiwan is an integral part of its territory, has led to the intensification of disputes and the looming threat of a potential invasion.

In recent years, China's aggressive posturing in the region has escalated, as it has flexed its military muscle through increased naval patrols and air incursions near Taiwan's airspace. These actions have garnered the attention of the international community and raised concerns over the possibility of a full-scale military conflict.

That's especially concerning given that the United States is in a weakened state due to President Joe Biden's weak stance on countering Chinese aggression.

Only time will tell, but the world is undoubtedly watching and waiting for China's next move, which could have serious global implications, at the very least, should it follow through with a full-scale invasion of Taiwan.

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