China attends the king's coronation, while Biden stays home

 May 7, 2023

While President Joe Biden was noticeably absent from King Charles's coronation, the communist government of China was not. 

Breitbart News reports that the Chinese Communist Party sent Vice President Han Zheng to the ceremonies.

The outlet notes, "Han’s presence is particularly controversial, with the senior Chinese Communist Party official reportedly having played a major role in the CCP’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in the former British colony of Hong Kong."

Han, nevertheless, was at the coronation, while Biden was not.

The First Lady takes Biden's place

While the leaders of many Western nations attended the ceremonies, the Biden administration decided to send First Lady Jill Biden and Finnegan Biden, one of President Biden's granddaughters.

CBS News reports:

On Saturday, Jill Biden will represent the United States at the coronation at Westminster Abbey, seated among several hundred heads of state, royals from other nations and other guests who were invited to watch Charles and his wife, Camilla, be crowned king and queen.

The First Lady also participated in several other events while there.

After the coronation, Jill Biden spoke with reporters.

She, in part, said:

I thought about, really, the importance of traditions, the importance of oath. As I sat there, I felt this sense of decorum and civility that binds together people of all nations.

So, what was Biden up to?

Biden, in a tweet over the weekend, congratulated King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation.

It has not been made clear why it is that Biden chose not to attend. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that "it is not a snub." It has also been reported that Biden has plans to formally visit King Charles at a later date.

Former President Donald Trump has criticized Biden for not attending the coronation, saying:

Joe Biden should have been at the Coronation of King Charles III. Is that really so much to ask? The people of the U.K. are greatly insulted. No wonder we are losing support all over the World. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Trump has suggested that Biden chose to stay home and sleep rather than attend the ceremony. Biden has not denied this.

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