Chris Christie says Trump will be convicted of crimes worthy of prison by spring

 December 18, 2023

GOP presidential candidate and former New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie said he believes that former President Donald Trump will be convicted of crimes worthy of prison by spring.

Christie shared the comments during a Sunday interview on CNN's "State of the Union."

The comments

“Donald Trump is a poison on our political system. And anyone who stays close enough to him either has to run away like their clothes are on fire, or they’re going to wind up in much more trouble than he’s ever been in," Christie stated.

"But, Jake, the clock is ticking. His time is coming. And Donald Trump, I absolutely believe, will be convicted of crimes that are worthy of jail come this spring. And he knows it, and that is why he is getting crazier every day," he added.

Christie, who struggles in the polling department, has based his campaign on attacking Trump, and offering little in the way of policy ideas.

Attacking Haley too

“Nikki Haley should be ashamed of herself and she’s part of the problem. Because she’s enabling him," Christie said about the former South Carolina governor.

Haley has consistently polled above Christie and has surged into second place behind Trump in some polls, passing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The former South Carolina governor is the only GOP candidate aside from Trump making anything in the way of gains in the polls.

More accusations

"The guy who can’t answer that question is Donald Trump, because 40 of his 44 cabinet level people have said not only that they wouldn’t work for him again, they wouldn’t vote for him. And so who’s he going to bring in?" Christie argued in another recent interview.

"Is this going to be the Kash Patel’s of the world? The Jeffrey Clark’s of the world? The Michael Flynn’s of the world are going to be the people who are going to populate the next Trump administration, a bunch of deranged sycophants who will just do whatever the masters tell them to do regardless of the law and the Constitution?" he asked.

The accusations come as Christie continues to struggle to gain momentum on Trump and other GOP candidates.

The first primary in Iowa scheduled for next month shows Christie in single digits in the state, leaving few concerned that he can provide any real challenge to Trump.

Instead, Christie continues to use his campaign to sound off in attacks against Trump despite his own struggles to gain ground in his presidential campaign.

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