Chris Christie to enter 2024 presidential race

 May 19, 2023

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is preparing to jump in the 2024 Republican primary any day now.

New Hampshire radio host Chris Ryan reports that Christie, who ran unsuccessfully in 2016, will focus his campaign on the key primary state of New Hampshire.

Christie seems to have his lane already picked out: the brash, trash-talking former governor has been auditioning for the role of Trump slayer for some weeks.

Christie to run

Christie's backers reportedly will include Mets owner Steve Cohen and Anthony Scaramucci, a former Trump staffer turned Trump critic.

Former Trump ally Christie has also evolved into a into a vocal Trump basher on cable news.

Trump's hold on the Republican party remains strong, but some Republicans, Christie included, have argued the party should move on and that Trump is positioned to lose a re-match to Joe Biden.

As of right now, the only Republican candidate seen as remotely threatening to Trump is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). But Christie has criticized DeSantis and other Republicans, saying their approach with Trump has been too timid.

"This is a guy who said Ted Cruz’s wife was ugly. Like, you think he cares that you made a little sideswipe at him?” Christie told Politico in April.

Trump slayer?

While some speculate that Christie could be part of a wider plan to take down Trump, he has said he would only run if he can win.

"I’m not a paid assassin,” he told Politico, adding, “When you’re waking up for your 45th morning at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manchester, you better think you can win, because that walk from the bed to the shower, if you don’t think you can win, it’s hard.”

At any rate, with Christie entering the race, the 2024 Republican primary is shaping up to be a battle royale. Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin (R) released a video this week with a clearly presidential vibe, and after months of anticipation, DeSantis is expected to finally wade into the arena next week.

Trump has accused the governor, who has been crisscrossing the nation and even the world for weeks, of running a "shadow campaign."

DeSantis has danced around direct criticism of Trump, opting instead to take subtle swipes. The governor has privately told donors that he is the only Republican who can defeat Biden, but DeSantis has been dropping in the polls in recent weeks.

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