Chris Cuomo points out that Biden flew right over site of toxic spill

 September 28, 2023

Chris Cuomo appeared to criticize President Joe Biden on his CNN show on Monday for flying directly over the site of an Ohio toxic chemical spill on his way to a fundraiser, and for not signing an emergency declaration requested by that state's governor, Mike DeWine (R) to help the people affected. 

Cuomo said about the spill in East Palestine, Ohio, “The President had signed an executive order that directs certain resources, but he has an emergency declaration on his desk. The governor here, DeWine still wants the emergency declaration.”

Cuomo said that the people told Biden not to come, but suggested it still didn't look good that he didn't.

“Now all these people play politics. They told Biden not to come, Listen, save it for situations that we’re making up so that we can have artificial divisions. This is a real problem," he said.

"President of everybody"

Cuomo made it clear that he thought Biden should at least give a reason why he didn't sign the emergency declaration to show he was responding to the situation, even though East Palestine is a heavily Republican area.

“There’s an emergency declaration. should be offering reasons that he’s acting or that he’s not acting. Okay, that’s something that could be done. The president literally flew over this place on his way to Detroit," Cuomo said.

He said he thought it was important to show that Biden is "president of everybody," no matter how they vote.

"I’m not saying it was wrong to go to Detroit," he said. "I’m saying he could have come here. He chose not to, to go to San Francisco to raise money. I get the realities of politics. Believe me, I grew up in it. But if you want people to know that you’re the president of everybody in this country, it shouldn’t matter if you think you’re gonna get their vote. What you should be getting is their trust.”


The comments were highly critical of Biden compared to most of CNN's coverage, which makes one wonder why.

There have been rumors about Democrats wanting to get Biden off the 2024 ticket, which could have been signaled to members of the press.

Or maybe there are a lot of leftist press members reading the writing on the wall and thinking that something needs to be done.

Cuomo's comments were pretty spot-on, coming from him, however.

More criticism

As Biden travels around the country, stopping in Arizona, he has also been criticized for not visiting the border, the site of another emergency that the Biden administration isn't acknowledging.

"It’s highly disappointing that the president gets this close to the border and continues to pretty much ignore the situation," Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls said.

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