Christian children's music icon Ron Hamilton passes away at 72

 April 22, 2023

Fans of Christian music were left heartbroken this week after learning that singer and voice actor Ron Hamilton passed away at the age of 72. 

According to The Christian Post, Hamilton's death was confirmed on Wednesday by a Facebook page named after Patch the Pirate, a character Hamilton voiced.

Musician created pirate character after losing eye to cancer

"Ron (Patch) Hamilton has taken his final breath on this earth," the statement read, adding, "He is now in the presence of his Savior."

Hamilton developed "Patch the Pirate" when he began wearing a patch himself after losing an eye to cancer in 1978, something he recounted on his Majesty Music website.

"Hearing a doctor say I had cancer and may die was a very sobering experience," Hamilton explained. "Many people would see the loss of my eye and the need for wearing a patch as a great trial."

"But I see it as one of the greatest blessings of my life," he continued, adding, "It reminds me that God teaches us the greatest lessons in the deepest valleys."

Hamilton's career lasted for nearly 40 years

In addition to featuring Hamilton, all five of his children lent their voices to "Patch the Pirate" episodes. Their father remained active in producing the series until 2015, two years before being diagnosed with dementia.

While originally from Indiana, the Post noted that Hamilton graduated from South Carolina's Bob Jones University and the college has long celebrated his work.

Tributes to Hamilton quickly appeared on social media, including from Pensacola Christian College, which tweeted that his "legacy as a visionary musician and composer of Christian children's music is unparalleled."

Artist celebrated for having "touched many hearts"

Fans were eager to speak up as well, including one who said he was "so thankful for the music ministry of Ron Hamilton."

"His music touched many hearts and was used mightily for God. Heaven's choir is about to sound even sweeter," the fan added.

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