Chris Christie verbally attacked by 'The View' co-hosts for saying he won't vote for Biden or Trump

 January 4, 2024

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has made it quite clear that the only reason he is a candidate in the 2024 Republican primary -- currently polling at just 3.3% -- is to oppose former President Donald Trump's potential return to the White House, an anti-Trump stance he repeatedly reemphasized during a recent appearance on ABC's "The View."

Yet, when Christie stated that he also wouldn't vote for President Joe Biden either in a likely rematch of the 2020 election against Trump, he was verbally assaulted and criticized for that position by some of the program's co-hosts, according to the Daily Caller.

The former governor stuck around on "The View" for several segments and, aside from a few combative moments, otherwise drew substantial praise from the talk show's panel for his general agreeance with them on the purported dangers Trump poses to democracy, the nation, and the world beyond.

Won't vote for Trump or Biden

At one point during the discussion co-host Joy Behar asked, "Would you vote for Biden if he was running against Trump?" to which former Gov. Christie replied, "I will tell you this -- I am anxious to see who a third choice might be."

Behar scoffed dismissively and mentioned Robert F. Kennedy Jr. but Christie joined her in that dismissal of RFK as an option, which prompted Behar to press, "Let's say it's Trump versus Biden, who would you vote for?"

In response, Christie said, "I wouldn't vote for either of them," which earned him another dismissive wave from Behar and an assertion that his answer was a "copout," a claim that Christie vigorously disagreed with.

Confronted over prior support for Trump

According to the Decider, co-host Sunny Hostin interjected that former Gov. Christie "would give away your right to vote" by not supporting either of the two likely presidential nominees, but Christie fired back that he "would vote for everybody down the ticket" and only skip the presidential portion of the ballot.

"But I’m not gonna vote for -- look, I’m not gonna vote for someone who I don’t believe is capable anymore of the presidency, which is Joe Biden, and somebody ...," Christie attempted to explain before being cut off again by Hostin, who reminded him that he had previously supported former President Trump as being "capable" of serving as president.

Christie shot back, "OK, so I admitted I was wrong. Is that OK?" Before that segment could grow any more heated, however, co-host Whoopi Goldberg halted the conversation for a commercial break.

Behar-Christie feud ended over shared hatred of Trump

Entertainment Weekly reported that Wednesday's sparring between former Gov. Christie and "The View" co-host Behar was reminiscent of their nearly decade-long feud that stemmed from harsh jokes Behar told about Christie during a comedy roast event in 2014 that left the former governor fuming for years.

Per Behar, the previous hard feelings between them are history and they are nearly "best buds" now that Christie has become so outspoken against former President Trump, "because an enemy of my enemy is my friend," she told the outlet.

She explained that the prior "acrimony" between them was old news "as long as he sticks to attacking Trump," and further revealed that she and Christie even exchanged phone numbers after Wednesday's show.

Behar recalled to EW of Christie, "He said, 'Call me anytime.' Oh my God, life is funny, isn't it? When I did that roast years ago, that was brutal. I said to him, 'Don't you bully me.' He tried to take my notes away after I did several jokes on him."

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