City council members in Clinton, South Carolina vote to approve Bush River Resort

 July 21, 2023

Controversy has erupted in Clinton, South Carolina over the proposed creation of an outdoor adventure business called Bush River Resort. 

According to The Clinton Chronicle, members of the city's planning commission voted five to two at a meeting this past March in favor of submitting a rezoning request to the full city council.

Council member says development "not a good fit for residents"

That request sought to have a 300-acre plot of land near North Sloan, Bluford, and Elizabeth Streets to be rezoned from residential to commercial.

The website GoLaurens reported that council members voted six to one on Monday night to approve the change, with Council Member Anita Williams standing alone in her opposition.

Williams explained that she lives near a commercial business inside the city limits, resulting in problems with noise and traffic.

"My concern from the very beginning, at all the planning meetings, has been miscommunication," Williams was quoted as saying.

"Originally, it was a shed, next thing we know, we see all this coming forward. It’s not a good fit for residents of Sloan Street," she insisted.

Local resident alleges that there has been a lack of transparency

"I live next door to a commercial building; I deal with the noise every day," Williams complained, adding, "I cannot vote for it in a residential neighborhood."

GoLaurens noted that although passage of a city ordinance requires only a single public hearing before either the Planning Commission or the City Council, several hearings were scheduled regarding the rezoning request.

Local resident Martha Cunningham was the lone speaker at this week's hearing, and Cunningham expressed concerns over what she perceived to be a lack of transparency as well as the potential for gunshots.

"I'm back again asking the same question I’ve been asking for a year, two years, ever since I found out about whatever this is going on down there on my end, down there," she was quoted as saying.

Chief of police says there will be regular gunshots

"No one ever gave me an answer so I would like to know the dates and who gave permission for the license or whatever for this project to ever get started," Cunningham stressed.

"I don’t know that answer yet, and I’ve been asking this question for many, many, many months so I would like to know all of that," she continued.

"I don’t have any problem with the project going down there all except the shooting. When the chief of police tell you, you better get used to it because there’s going to be plenty, plenty of shooting, that’s what my biggest concern is," Cunningham noted.

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