Clarence Thomas is described by a Democratic strategist as 'an enemy to Black people'

 February 16, 2024

Ameshia Cross, a strategist for the Democratic Party, has written an opinion piece in which she refers to noted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as "an enemy to Black people."

Having served on the Supreme Court for more than three decades, Thomas is held in very high regard by a large section of the American people, as Newsweek reported.

He was nominated for the position by President George H.W. Bush, and after a tumultuous confirmation, he became the second Black person to serve on the nation's high court.

From the Article

"He fights against the working class and minorities, finding unique ways to fight against the Black community he hails from in the process. It's why Black Americans shouldn't celebrate Justice Thomas during Black History Month. He simply doesn't deserve it," Cross claimed.

The author claims "His betrayals began before he was on the Supreme Court. Before becoming a justice, Thomas worked on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) during the Reagan administration."

She said that while he worked in that position, he fought the use of class-action lawsuits to enforce workplace discrimination laws.

More of Cross's Claims

Cross asserts that Thomas is guilty of "aiding and abetting white supremacy while cloaked in a judicial robe" and "fighting to keep people who look like him from the polls."

"The Black community doesn't celebrate Thomas because Thomas does everything in his power to make life worse for us," she claimed.

"Black History Month isn't a time to glorify a threat to Black progress. Clarence Thomas has proven himself time and time again to be an enemy to Black people," she wrote.

"Who needs white supremacists when a Black man who benefited from civil rights wins is leading the charge to destroy the very policies that made his career possible?"


Blaze contributor Delano Squires rejected the notion, speaking out against the use of race-based judgment against the justice.

"Clarence Thomas is only an 'enemy of black people' to those who engage in Potemkin black pride rhetoric that hides deep insecurities behind demands for affirmation from the broader culture, Squires said.

"Agency & dignity sound like self-hatred to people nursed on paternalism & condescension."

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