Clarence Thomas spotted laying wreathes at Arlington National Cemetery

 December 19, 2022

Justice Clarence Thomas is widely known for being one of the Supreme Court's most high-profile conservative members.

However, the jurist made headlines this past weekend for reasons that had nothing to do with this legal philosophy. 

Thomas helped to lay wreaths

According to Breitbart, Thomas was spotted laying wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday to honor America's veterans.

D.C. journalist Emily Miller documented Thomas' actions, noting that they were part of an annual ceremony carried out by the non-profit group Wreaths Across America.

The reporter went on to add that Thomas also makes a point of spending "time supporting Gold Star families at Arlington."

Breitbart pointed out that this is not the first time Thomas has been seen at Arlington National Cemetery, as the Western Journal recalled how in 2013 he was seen "helping to clean up the cemetery after the Christmas season on a rainy January day."

Thomas was subjected to racist hate

However, none of that is likely to placate Thomas' left-wing critics, many of whom angrily lashed out at the justice this year when he penned the majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

In it, the Court ruled that abortion is not a constitutionally protected right, a decision which led to a political firestorm.

Fox News reported that social media platforms were inundated with such phrases as "F--k Clarence Thomas" and "Kill Clarence Thomas."

Others directed racist language towards the justice, referring to him as "Uncle Thomas" or a "house n---er." Thomas was the second African American to serve on the nation's highest judicial body.

Crude comedians

Meanwhile, Fox News reported how late-night comedy host Stephen Colbert also reacted crudely to the ruling, telling his views that Thomas "can suck it."

Former White House lawyer Mark Paoletta is a personal friend of Thomas, and he told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in July that the justice "doesn't care" what his detractors have to say.

"The left is racist," Paoletta told Carlson. "They expect Clarence Thomas to think the way a Black man should, based on the color of his skin. And Clarence Thomas for 30-40 years has refused to do that, and they want to destroy him."

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