Hillary Clinton besieged by leftist pro-Palestinian protesters during panel discussion at her alma mater

 April 10, 2024

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is clearly despised by many on the ideological right, there is also certainly no love lost between her and the far-left, as was evident during a recent return by Clinton to her alma mater, Wellesley College.

Clinton was at Wellesley on Saturday to be honored and participate in a panel discussion but was disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters who accused her of being a "war criminal" and supporting an Israeli "genocide" against Palestinians in Gaza, according to Campus Reform.

The failed 2016 Democratic nominee attempted to calm one disruptive protester by suggesting that she was willing to discuss the woman's complaints after the event, but the outraged leftist student would not be placated and was ultimately escorted out of the event by security.

Clinton event disrupted by protesters

The New York Times reported that former Sec. Clinton was at Wellesley College on Saturday to be honored with the opening of a new research center dubbed the Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for Citizenship, Leadership and Democracy," and to take part in an inaugural summit with a panel discussion on "democracy at a crossroads."

Once widely beloved on her old campus as a sort of "rock star" and "demi-deity," Clinton was this time greeted by anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian leftist student protesters who objected to her stated support for Israel in its fight against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza -- some of whom made their way inside the auditorium where the panel discussion was held.

Near the end of the event, a protester stood up and began shouting indecipherably at Clinton and the other participants on stage. Clinton initially replied, "I’m perfectly happy to meet you after this event and talk with you, but we’re going to go on with our discussion," per Campus Reforms, but the protester would not relent and carried on with the disruption for nearly two minutes before they were eventually escorted out of the building.

Clinton is Wellesley's "most beloved war criminal"

A group of pro-Palestinian protesters also established themselves directly outside the event and harassed attendees as they were coming and going, according to Fox News.

They distributed pamphlets that proclaimed Clinton to be Wellesley's "most beloved war criminal" who had "blood on her hands." Per The Times, some of the protesters also carried signs that read "Hillary for Women Unless They’re Palestinian," and the group repeatedly chanted, "Hillary, Hillary, you’re a liar; we demand a cease-fire."

The protest was organized by a student group that called itself "WC-against-HRC," and they posted on Instagram a list of 10 "demands" that they believed the college administration and Clinton had the "power and influence" to act upon.

Some of those demands included a formal acknowledgment of the "ongoing genocide in Gaza," a public statement denouncing "anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia," disclosure and divestment from Israeli companies that perpetuate the "occupation of Palestine," relaxed rules for the school's "demonstration policy," a call for "swift, decisive consequences" for alleged acts in opposition to pro-Palestinian advocacy, a statement distinguishing between "anti-Zionism and antisemitism," and for the college to cuts ties with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, among other things.

Disruption not condemned by school; faculty seem to encourage further protests

Fox News reported that while the Wellesley College administration did acknowledge the anti-Clinton protest by pro-Palestinian activists, their disruptive behavior was not condemned.

In fact, Sheilah Shaw Horton, the school's vice president and dean of students, said in a statement, "I encourage all who participate in activism to follow the demonstration policy and be mindful of our Code of Student Conduct so that you remain safe for yourself, and for our community."

The Times also noted that the two co-directors of the new Clinton Center, Patricia Berman and Tracy Gleason, expressed empathy for the protesters and seemed to suggest that their disruptive behavior could help lead to more constructive conversations, with Gleason telling the outlet, "Our goal is for students to use their voices, but also to open their hearts and minds to other perspectives."

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