Hillary Clinton attacks perceived 'cruelty toward women' in Arizona's strict anti-abortion law

 April 17, 2024

The Arizona Supreme Court surprised everyone last week with an unexpected ruling in favor of upholding an old Civil War-era law that effectively outlaws nearly all abortions in the state.

Failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton expressed how devastated she was by the ruling, particularly the perceived element of "cruelty toward women" in the anti-abortion law, according to Fox News.

What apparently was not so devastating to Clinton, as it garnered no mention, was the inherent "cruelty" suffered by the unborn babies that are dismembered or poisoned to death in the womb as a result of the fatal procedures.

Arizona Supreme Court upholds Civil War-era anti-abortion law

It was last week, according to The Hill, that the Arizona Supreme Court ruled 4-2 to uphold an 1864 anti-abortion law passed before Arizona was even a state that had been revived and subsequently challenged after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in 2022.

The 1864 law effectively criminalizes the provision of abortions at any stage of pregnancy with no exceptions for incest or rape victims and only a narrow allowance for when a mother's life is at risk from complications.

The ruling sparked widespread outrage from Democrats and disapproval from even some Republicans and prompted bipartisan demands for the state legislature to intervene or for a constitutional amendment to overrule the old law with more lenient regulations on abortion procedures.

Clinton decries perceived "cruelty" in Arizona's anti-abortion law

On Monday, Clinton appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" where the singer-turned-talk host raised the issue of the Arizona Supreme Court's "insane" ruling on the abortion law, which Clinton agreed was "horrifying in every way."

"I feared it would happen but I hoped it wouldn't happen. Now here we are in the middle of this very difficult period for women in about half the states in our country, who cannot get the care that they need," Clinton said. "And the old law in Arizona is without exceptions, and the danger to women's lives as well as to our right to make our own decisions about our bodies and ourselves is so profound."

"And there's another element to it which I find so troubling," she continued. "I mean, there's a kind of cruelty to it. I mean. no exceptions for rape, incest -- I mean, really?"

Clinton displays her hypocrisy once again

At another point in the interview, Clinton reiterated her belief that Arizona's strict anti-abortion law included "a cruelty toward women, toward women's lives."

That prompted Clarkson to remark upon the "voter apathy" she has observed among some of her friends and how "exhausted" so many of them feel by the constant cultural and political fights waged throughout society.

In response, Clinton suggested that people should "want to vote in a way that is going to make life better for the maximum number of people, and not be trying to impose your views on the rest of us" -- even though that is exactly what she had just encouraged everyone to do.

"And so whatever you care about, voting is your superpower, and it may not seem like it, but it really is," she added.

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