Clinton faces leftwing backlash after her 'get over yourselves' remark

 April 7, 2024

Hillary Clinton is facing criticism from some of her fellow Democrats over her recent "get over yourselves" comment, Breitbart News reports

In case you missed it, Clinton made the remark during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. 

Take a look:

"Get over yourselves"

Clinton's "get over yourselves" remark was actually directed at U.S. voters.

What Clinton was taking issue with appears to have been polls showing that American voters are not thrilled about the fact that the 2024 general election is likely going to be a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, the two men who faced off in the 2020 election.

"Get over yourselves, those are the two choices … And, you know, it’s one of, like, one is old & effective & compassionate, has a heart & really cares about people, & one is old & has been charged with 91 felonies. I don’t understand why this is a hard choice, really," Clinton said.

On a side note, it is not the first time that Clinton made this kind of remark. Clinton, in early March, said:

So we have a contest between one candidate who's old, but who's done an effective job and doesn't threaten our democracy. And we have another candidate who is old, barely makes sense when he talks, is dangerous, and threatens our democracy

The problem, of course, is that many would say that Trump is the old guy who did an effective job, while Biden is the one who barely makes sense. So, now, Clinton has cleaned this up by throwing the 91 felonies in there so no one can mistake her remarks.

"Tonally off-sync"

Somewhat surprisingly, many Democrat analysts have criticized Clinton for the "get over yourselves" remark. This includes Democratic strategist Mark Longabaugh, who called the remark "tonally off-sync."

“I’m not sure that is the most effective way to win disaffected Democrats, younger voters, back to Joe Biden. I’m really not,” Longabaugh said, "Young people want to be inspired, they don’t want to be lectured to."

Others agreed. MSNBC's Zeeshan Aleem accused Clinton of failing to address voters' doubts about Biden.  "The core problem with Clinton’s communication style in her remarks is an absence of empathy," Aleem wrote.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith was even more direct, saying, "I don’t think it was a very wise statement on her part. How did that work out for her in 2016?"

Clinton just can't seem to open her mouth without sticking her foot in it, but, the surprising bit is that her fellow Democrats are actually calling her out on it.

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