Clinton Presidential Center Expanding

 August 9, 2023

As hard as it is to believe, I guess enough people in this country have been fooled by the Clinton family to the point where the Clintons are actually sometimes celebrated in America.

They shouldn't be celebrated, they should be rejected just like they rejected the welfare of America.

The Clinton name is so profitable, in fact, that the Clinton Foundation is expanding the Clinton Presidential Center.

You wouldn't catch me dead in that building, but somebody must be going there sometimes, right?

Or else why would the foundation be expanding? (Spare me your obvious jokes about them needing more room to keep the bodies they're racking up.)

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Junior told his people how pumped up he was that the Clintons continue to pour money into his area. The Clinton library has already had a "multibillion-dollar economic impact," according to Frank.

"I can't be more excited about this major expansion and the commitment President Clinton and Secretary Clinton have shown to Little Rock."

Bill Clinton had already been immortalized by the Clinton Foundation in Little Rock.

Despite Hillary Clinton completing one of the biggest choke jobs in political history when she lost to Trump in 2016, the Clintons are going to add some Hillary items to the presidential library as well.

Including the addition of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Institute.

She really has no shame. Instead of booting Bill to the curb when he was cheating on her with a little intern, Hillary Clinton knew that the last name was worth more than any amount of loyalty in her marriage.

Essentially, she made the decision to sell out publicly when she refused to hold Bill accountable for his actions in the White House.

And if she can't keep control over her own family, how was she ever supposed to keep an entire country on the right path?

She wasn't going to, she couldn't have handled it, and America voted that way.

For some reason though, the Clintons are pretending she won anyway.

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