Hillary Clinton accused SCOTUS of doing a 'grave disservice' to nation by not rejecting Trump's immunity claim

 May 11, 2024

The Supreme Court is currently considering former President Donald Trump's claim of presidential immunity from prosecution and is expected to issue a decision on the matter by June or July.

In the view of failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, however, the Supreme Court did a "grave disservice" to the nation by not immediately rejecting her political rival's legal claim, The Hill reported.

Clinton, who remains perpetually embittered by her loss to Trump, lamented how the Supreme Court, simply by taking up Trump's claim, had likely caused delays until after the 2024 election to all but one of his four criminal cases and, therefore, obligated voters to head to the polls in November "without knowing the outcome" of the multiple prosecutorial efforts against the presumptive Republican nominee.

MSNBC's "Therapy with Hillary" segment

Clinton's comments came Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, which co-host Mika Brzezinski dubbed "Therapy with Hillary," according to Mediaite.

Brzezinski said she wanted to talk "about former President Donald Trump who is in criminal court in New York City for this hush money thing. Meanwhile, the documents case is delayed, meanwhile Georgia, what’s going on here -- everything seems to be delayed and moving down the road and there are even those who argue this Manhattan case is not as big, it’s not serious, and he might get off anyway or not."

"How do people manage, especially people who really love this democracy, who take it seriously, who take the words you just said on our show very seriously, that you can’t just sit back and let democracy come to you, that this is every day something we all must work on together -- what do you say to people when they ask you about the former president, these trials, and these delays, and the fear that they feel about the upcoming election?" the co-host asked.

Clinton replied, "Well, Mika, I’m happy to go to therapy with you anytime because clearly the pressure and the stress on our system, our country, our Constitution, our future, is so intense for those of us who understand what’s at stake, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way to others."

Supreme Court has done a "grave disservice" to the country by delaying Trump's trials

"You know, justice delayed is justice denied," Clinton told the MSNBC co-hosts of the stalled-out Trump trials. "And the people in our country, it looks as though will most likely go to vote without knowing the outcome of these other very serious trials."

She asserted that the New York hush money case was really about "election interference" by denying voters knowledge of negative information that could impact how they would vote. She further said the other criminal cases against Trump were also about "election interference" and accused her 2016 rival of openly plotting to steal the upcoming election and attempt to seize power regardless of the outcome.

"The other point I would quickly make is that the Supreme Court is doing our country a grave disservice in not deciding the case about immunity," Clinton stated. "I read the excellent decision by the court of appeals, and the judges there, I think, covered every possible argument" in rejecting Trump's immunity claim.

"And what we heard when this case was tried before the Supreme Court -- to my ear, at least -- were efforts to try to find loopholes, to try to create an opportunity for Trump to have attempted to overturn an election, to have carried out hundreds and hundreds of pages of very highly classified material for his own amusement, interest, trading -- we don’t know what," she continued.

Clinton added, "These are very serious charges against any American, but someone who’s both been a president and wants to be a president again -- that should cause any voter to think not twice, but many, many times over, about whether we should entrust our country to him."

SCOTUS ruling on immunity will likely prompt further delays for Trump's cases

Though it is often difficult to predict exactly how the Supreme Court will ultimately rule on any given case, analysis of the oral arguments last month indicated that while the justices probably won't agree with former President Trump's claim of "absolute" immunity from prosecution, they will likely determine that former presidents enjoy a limited form of immunity for "official acts" that occurred while they were still in office.

The Hill noted that such a decision would likely result in Trump's case being kicked back down to the district court to figure out the parameters of that immunity, with those decisions being further appealable -- all of which has and will continue to delay Trump's several criminal cases and likely postpone any trials until after the election ... if they even ever occur at all.

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