CNN legal analyst thinks Stormy Daniels testimony could alienate jury

 May 8, 2024

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg called adult film star Stormy Daniels to testify this week in his case against former President Donald Trump.

Yet while Bragg had been hoping to damage Trump's reputation, some observers think Daniels' testimony could flip the jury in his favor. 

Daniels admits to hating Trump

One of them is CNN legal analyst Elie Honig, who praised the former president's defense team for how they handled  the witness.

"This is some searing cross-examination so far. It’s quite effective … They got her to admit right up front, she hates the defendant," the Daily Caller quoted Honig as saying on Tuesday.

"I mean, you almost never see that. I had a case where, one time, the witness had sent a sort of negative letter to the defendant and that went boy, that was used," he recalled.

"Here, she says, at least she’s honest. At least she says straight up, I hate him. Am I correct that you hate President Trump? Answer, yes," Honig noted.

"Later, they moved into her financial motive. They said you want to make money and she said, again, candidly, yes, I want to make money. People want to make money," he pointed out.

Analyst suggests testimony could "come back to haunt" Bragg

"She also admitted that … she said that if he is jailed, she would dance, and she laughed. And I don't think the jury's going to like that," Honig predicted. "I don't think they see this as a laughing matter or matter for a personal vengeance and retribution."

The Daily Caller noted that Honig's fellow CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams offered a similar take, suggesting that some of what Daniels had to say would "come back to haunt" the prosecution.

"Do you hate him and so on and something there was this back-and-forth over even Stormy Daniels laughing. She was chuckling in court," Williams stressed.

"And this Sunday, we were talking about a little bit earlier in this program, how that will play before the jury. Now look, some human beings are nervous laughers, right? Frankly, I am too, but I'm also not testifying in front of a jury," the analyst said.

Defense sought mistrial over Daniels' testimony

As Fox News reported, Daniels also came under scrutiny for making graphic sexual remarks during her testimony, something which Trump's attorneys argued was cause for a mistrial.

Defense attorney Todd Blanche also asserted that Daniels' testimony regarding "consent and danger" was "not the story that she was selling in 2016."

Judge Juan Merchan shot down the request, but he did "agree that it would have been better if some of these things had been left unsaid."

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