CNN reporter downplays Twitter censorship of Hunter Biden with cringe remark

 December 6, 2022

CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans drew attention on Monday for saying "some want you to think" that the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story is censorship.

The remarks came after Twitter CEO Elon Musk released the "Twitter Files" with an investigative reporter who shared the details behind Twitter silencing of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Her remarks

“Inside Twitter what you can see are all of these people who work there saying, ‘is this real? This feels like Russian disinformation. Maybe it’s real,’" Romans said.

"Real arguments about how they should treat this material in an election year. Now, what some want you to think, is that this was censorship by big tech. And that’s why the president is saying you should throw out the Constitution, because big tech is in cahoots with American democracy. That’s what the president thinks,” she added.

The White House response

CNN is not the only place downplaying Twitter's censorship. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also acted like the new information was "old news."

"We see this as an interesting ... or a coincidence, if I may, that he would so haphazardly push this distraction that is so full of old news, if you think about it, and at the same time, Twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate and antisemitism on their platform, and how they're letting it happen," she said.

"And, you know, the president said last week, more leaders need to speak out and reject this. And it's very alarming and very dangerous," she added.

Former President Donald Trump also addressed the story over the weekend in a Truth Social post.

“So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD AND DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democratic Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION?” Trump posted.

Left wants to ignore Twitter Files

The new revelations are massive in their implications, including the involvement of at least one Democratic congressman.

However, it appears the left's plan is to ignore and downplay the concern in order to minimize damage, despite the details that point to government interference in Big Tech.

Musk has promised more "Twitter Files," so the report may only be the start of the story as Americans learn more about media censorship in our own country.

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