CNN's Toobin says Fani Willis investigation a boost for Trump

 March 17, 2024

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin commented on a recent Georgia judge's ruling, which scrutinized Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, hinting at favorable implications for former President Donald Trump as the case against him appears increasingly fragile.

Speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Toobin portrayed the judge's decision as a notable victory for Trump, suggesting that the case lacks substance and is improbable to advance further.

The news

The ruling, issued by Georgia Judge Scott McAfee, granted Willis the green light to pursue her prosecution against Trump for alleged election interference. However, McAfee stipulated that Willis must remove an investigator, Nathan Wade, with whom she had a romantic relationship.

While McAfee refrained from disqualifying Willis outright, he did not mince words in his critique of her conduct during the legal proceedings.

“Today was a very good day for Donald Trump. This case is going nowhere,” Toobin stated on CNN.

“Think about this, there’s another racketeering case in Georgia where jury selection, not the trial, jury selection, has taken a year,” he added. “This case is never going to trial before the election.”

McAfee admonished Willis for making public remarks suggesting that race may have influenced the defendants' arguments regarding her relationship with Wade. He even hinted at the possibility of imposing a gag order due to her statements.

Willis weakened

McAfee rebuked Willis for her unconventional decisions, such as participating in interviews with authors working on books about Trump's prosecution, and her past relationship with Wade.

Toobin expressed doubt about the case's future, deeming it "extremely unlikely" to proceed to trial before the presidential election. He pointed to the prolonged jury selection process in another racketeering case in Georgia as a precedent for potential delays in Willis' case, emphasizing that it would not reach trial before the upcoming election.

Following McAfee's ruling, the case can only move forward if either Willis or Wade recuse themselves. Wade promptly resigned after the decision was issued, signaling potential complications for the prosecution's case.

Toobin's views

Despite Willis' determination to press forward, Toobin contended that the case remains fraught with challenges and is unlikely to succeed.

He suggested that Trump and most of the other defendants have maintained their innocence, with a trial date yet to be set and various motions seeking dismissal of the charges.

Toobin concluded that the ruling against Willis marked a significant setback for the prosecution, hinting at the potential collapse of the case against Trump.

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