College professor killed in an apparently random murder

 October 9, 2023

The husband of a Vermont State University dean was left in mourning last week after his wife was murdered.

According to Fox News, 77-year-old Dr. Honoree Fleming was shot to death this past Thursday roughly one mile from the college campus she worked at in Castleton, Vermont.

Husband says late wife had a "sterling heart and soul"

Fleming was married to novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Powers, who put up a Facebook post following his wife's death.

"The killer delivered one shot—possibly two— to the side of her head and walked away. She died instantly," Fox News quoted Powers as writing.

Those of you who knew her know that she was beautifully named. I have never known a more sterling heart and soul than hers," he recalled.

Powers lamented that his late wife had "taken far more than half my own heart and soul with her." He went on to add, "Police believe that it was random, but all possibilities remain open."

College remembers Flemming as "a beloved dean"

Fox News noted that Vermont State University put out a statement on Friday that described Fleming as "a beloved dean and professor at Castleton and an impressive researcher with countless papers published."

Mike Smith serves as the college's president, and he spoke up as well, declaring, "Our hearts go out to the members of our community who taught with Honoree and had her as a beloved teacher during their time at Castleton."

"Our deepest sympathies go to her husband, Ron, family and friends. This is an unbelievable tragedy for the Castleton campus and for all of Vermont State University. Honoree will be deeply missed," Smith stressed.

Meanwhile, some of those who knew Fleming posted tributes on social media, including one that described her as "beautiful" and "brilliant."

Police ask hunters to check trail cameras

Fox News reported on Friday that Vermont State Police had released an updated profile of the suspect, describing him as a white male with short red hair who stood approximately 5'10" appeared to be in his late 20s.

He was said to be wearing a dark gray T-shirt and carrying a black backpack while walking north along the Delaware and Hudson Rail Trail towards the Vermont State University campus.

Police have asked local hunters to check their trail cameras for any footage of the suspect. A similar request has been made to business owners with security cameras.

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