Color Run founder Travis Snyder dead at 45

December 4, 2023

The man who founded the Color Run, Travis Snyder, has died at age 45 from acute myeloid leukemia, according to People.

The magazine was able to confirm Snyder's death on Saturday after a message was posted to Snyder's Instagram that detailed how he wanted to be remembered.

"Well, a long-term illness at least gives time to consider what I would want included in this dang thing. Rather than it be empty or have some statements about how I died, a few life details, and some accolades. I'd rather have something written from my heart," he wrote in the message, which was ostensibly scheduled to be posted after he died.

Snyder was first diagnosed with the illness in 2015 and fought it for eight years before succumbing.

A warrior

He addressed his battle in the message, noting that he wanted to be remembered as a warrior.

"Please don't say I 'lost my fight with cancer,' I lived and battled and was blessed with eight years of life after a devastating diagnosis. At one of my more difficult moments, I told my friend I was sorry they had to see me. Her reply was quick and direct, 'All I've ever seen when I look at you is a warrior.' That is how I'd like to be remembered," he continued.

Snyder also said that his wife and three sons were a blessing that gave him many "beautiful moments."

"The only thing that I have ever come to is that we suffer to soften us, to care more, love more, and try to lift each other up. The bonds of relationships are the only things that will endure beyond this life," he wrote.

Teaming up with Momoa

People noted that it had previously covered Snyder teaming up with Jason Momoa to encourage people to get tested to see if they are a match to donate bone marrow.

"He inspired thousands of people to join the Be the Match registry, and we know his efforts will help more patients in the future get a second chance at life. He was a warrior, and his life made a difference,” a representative for Be the Match said about Snyder.

Momoa called Snyder his "buddy" and said he hadn't known anyone who passed away from cancer.

"We can all make a change together. Please join the registry. All you have to do is swab your cheek and save someone's life. Be a hero — a real hero," Momoa said at the time.


Snyder said he was "fortunate" to have fulfilled his dreams and hoped that he had generated "some goodness along the way."

He asked people to share memories about him so that his sons could know "all of him."

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