Colorado Democrat election official obstructed inquiry about foreign nationals voting: report

 January 6, 2023

A Colorado Democrat election official who got into hot water for sending out a mailer to foreign nationals encouraging them to vote blocked requests for information about the mishap from concerned officials, a watchdog group has found.

E-mails shared by the Public Interest Legal Foundation show that Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) ignored demands for information about non-citizens who may have attempted to vote illegally, Breitbart reported.

Democrat blocked voter fraud inquiry

In October, Griswold mistakenly sent mailers to 31,000 non-citizens encouraging them to register to vote. At the time, she blamed the mishap on a computer error and sent out correction mailers explaining that foreign nationals cannot vote, while insisting that election integrity had not been impacted.

Behind the scenes, however, Griswold's office rebuffed demands from county election officials who asked for the names of the people who incorrectly received the mailers.

Griswold's office replied that there were "potential legal issues," but did not elaborate.

Why so secretive?

The Public Interest Legal Foundation speculated that Griswold's office was wary of sharing information that could implicate foreign nationals in election fraud, as it is illegal for non-citizens to vote.

"One possibility is that some of the foreign citizens could have committed an election crime by registering to vote. It be would a federal crime for a foreign citizen to vote in the 2022 election," the group said.

The president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation condemned Griswold's failure to be transparent.

“Colorado shouldn’t be sending foreign nationals voter registration information,” PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. "When they do, the public should be able to see all of the records so we can hold election officials accountable.”

Democrats abet non-citizen voting

This is not the first time that Democrats have made elections vulnerable to foreign nationals voting. Democrats in New York City pushed to let foreign nationals vote in municipal elections before the effort was shut down in court last year.

The mishap in Colorado stemmed from the state's database of licensed drivers. Somehow, a protocol that was meant to filter out non-citizens, who can get driver licenses in Colorado, wasn't followed when officials used the list to find people to register.

Griswold also isn't also the only Democrat Secretary of State to bungle an election.

In Arizona, now-governor Katie Hobbs mailed out thousands of incorrect ballots on the eve of November's election, which she oversaw, and which was ultimately marred by widespread problems with same-day voting.

Like Griswold, Hobbs made "the Big Lie" a big campaign theme despite dramatic failures to ensure trust in the system.

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