Colorado Dems make a massive gun control push

 December 4, 2022

Local outlets are reporting that Democrats in Colorado's legislature are making a massive gun control push. 

Taking a cue from President Joe Biden, Colorado Democrats are attempting to use the recent mass shootings  - particularly the one that took place at Club Q LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs - to do so.

That shooting left five dead and many more injured. And, now, it appears that Colorado Democrats are trying to use the heightened emotions from this shooting to pass illogical gun control laws.

"Everything is on the table"

As for what type of gun control laws Colorado Democrats are looking to pass, the answer appears to be anything and everything.

Colorado senate President Steve Fenberg is reported as saying, "Pretty much everything is on the table."

For the time being, though, Fenberg said, "the question" is "what seems like a priority?"

Fenberg continued:

I’ve always said that I support an assault weapons ban. I don’t think in this day and age it makes sense that people can purchase weapons of war. It’s something (where) we have to make sure the policy is right. I think there’s still ongoing conversations about what the policy would be.

That's just the start of it

The Colorado Sun reports that there is a long list of gun control measures that Colorado Democrats are likely going to pursue.

Before the so-called assault weapons ban, the outlet reports:

It’s more likely that Democrats pursue other changes to Colorado’s gun laws first, such as raising the minimum age to purchase a rifle or shotgun to 21 from 18. The minimum age to purchase handguns in Colorado is already 21.

The outlet goes on to report:

There are already discussions happening as well about enacting a waiting period between when someone purchases a weapon and can access it, mirroring policies in states including California and Hawaii, which have 10- and 14-day waiting periods, respectively. Illinois has a 72-hour waiting period between when someone can purchase a firearm and then access it.

Finally, the outlet suggests that Colorado Democrats will probably look to expand the state's Red Flag Laws, which currently allow law enforcement and family members to petition a judge to order a firearm seizure.

Looking forward

Colorado Democrats, here, are not only looking to capitalize off of heightened emotions following a tragedy, but they are looking to also capitalize on their election successes.

This upcoming January, Democrats will continue to have the majority in both Colorado's House and Senate, but, now, these majorities will be expanded.

Accordingly, it appears likely that the people of Colorado are about to lose more of their Second Amendment rights.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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