Colorado law banning abortion 'reversal' blocked

 October 24, 2023

A Trump-appointed judge in Colorado has blocked a first-of-its-kind law restricting doctors from stopping medication-induced abortions. 

U.S. District Judge Daniel D. Domenico on Saturday ruled that the state infringed on the freedom of a Catholic clinic that practices abortion pill "reversal" to save the lives of unborn children.

Liberal abortion law blocked

Most abortions in the U.S. are induced through the abortion pill mifepristone, which blocks the reproductive hormone progesterone. A second pill, misoprostol, is then taken to expel the aborted baby from the mother's body.

Some pro-life clinics administer progesterone to mothers who wants to reverse the effects of mifepristone. In April, Colorado's Democratic governor Jared Polis signed a law, labeling doctors who do this "unprofessional."

The law undoubtedly discriminated against the Catholic clinic Bella Health, which “considers it a religious obligation to provide treatment for pregnant mothers and to protect unborn life if the mother seeks to stop or reverse an abortion," judge Domenico wrote.

Under the law, pro-life clinics have "credible" fear of being prosecuted for practicing medication abortion reversal, Domenico added.


The reversal procedure has been criticized by medical organizations captured by the far left.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - which endorses "gender-affirming" surgery for minors - said abortion reversals are potentially dangerous and not based on "science."

Liberals often use language like "forced birth" to condemn anti-abortion laws, but Colorado's unprecedented law forces abortions.

Colorado "is trying to make outlaws of doctors and nurses providing life-saving and compassionate care to women they serve,” Rebekah Ricketts, counsel at Becket, said in a statement.

“This ruling ensures that pregnant women across the state will receive the care they deserve and won’t be forced to have abortions against their will.”

First Amendment victory

Colorado's extremely liberal abortion laws allow abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

The state is also known for its hostility to religion, as seen in a number of national controversies involving Christian business owners targeted for their beliefs in recent years.

Bella Health and Wellness celebrated Judge Domenico's ruling

"We are relieved and overjoyed to continue helping the many women who come to our clinic seeking help," said Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, cofounders of Bella Health and Wellness.

A separate legal controversy is playing out across the country over the abortion pill's federal approval.

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