Colorado Republican Party petitions US Supreme Court to keep Trump on ballot

 December 28, 2023

The Colorado Republican Party on Wednesday petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to keep former President Donald Trump on the ballot in 2024, overturning a state Supreme Court ruling that used the 14th Amendment to bar him from running for president.

"The Republican Party has been irreparably harmed" by the Colorado Supreme Court's majority decision to take Trump off the ballot, said the petition obtained by the New York Times.

"The state has interfered in the primary election by unreasonably restricting the Party's ability to select its candidates," it added.

Its argument continued, "As a natural and inevitable result, the state has interfered with the Party's ability to place on the general election ballot the candidate of its choice. And it has done so based on a subjective claim of insurrection the state lacks any constitutional authority to make."

Chaos will ensue

If the Supreme Court does not overturn the ruling and allow Trump to stay on the ballot, the party further said, "Any voter will have the power to sue to disqualify any political candidate."

"This will not only distort the 2024 presidential election but will also mire courts henceforth in political controversies over nebulous accusations of insurrection," the petition added.

Indeed, the Colorado Supreme Court actually argued that it had the right and ability to decide on its own whether Trump had participated in "insurrection" without Trump having to be accused, tried or convicted of that crime--which he has not been.

In fact, Trump has pointed out that the Senate acquitted him of any wrongdoing regarding the 2020 presidential election at his second impeachment trial

Stay will not expire

In filing the petition, the Colorado Republican Party ensured that the stay on the original ruling would remain until the Supreme Court takes up the case or refuses to do so.

It was set to expire on January 4 without the petition, and Trump's name would have been removed at that time.

The Colorado presidential primary is in March, which would not have given the courts much time to resolve the issue.

The party's appeal comes before Trump's own appeal, but that is expected to be filed shortly as well.

It must be getting difficult for Trump and his legal team to keep track of all the things happening in the many legal cases involving him all at once.

At any rate, the wheels are now in motion to reverse this ruling. Let's just hope the U.S. Supreme Court is willing to step in.

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Thomas Jefferson
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