Colorado Republicans ask Supreme Court to put Trump back on ballot

 December 28, 2023

It has been roughly a week and a half since the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump cannot appear on the state's ballot. However, the Colorado Republican Party moved this week to have that ruling overturned.

According to Breitbart, filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on Wednesday in which argued that the future of democratic governance is at stake.

Both sides seek quick resolution

"The Colorado Supreme Court has removed the leading Republican candidate from the primary and general ballots, fundamentally changing the course of American democracy," the party's filing read.

"Unless the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision is overturned, any voter will have the power to sue to disqualify any political candidate, in Colorado or in any other jurisdiction that follows its lead," it continued.

"This will not only distort the 2024 presidential election but will also mire courts henceforth in political controversies over nebulous accusations of insurrection," the filing went on to insist.

Trump's supporters are not only ones hoping for a swift hearing from the Supreme Court, as the attorney for those seeking to remove him from the ballot is as well.

"We obviously are going to ask for an extremely accelerated timeline because of all the reasons I’ve stated, we have a primary coming up on Super Tuesday and we need to know the answer," Breitbart quoted lawyer Sean Grimsley as saying.

Colorado secretary of state urges Supreme Court to affirm ruling

Grimsley's urgency likely stems from the fact that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced on Thursday that Trump's name will have to appear on the ballot if the matter is not resolved before primary voters go to the polls.

"Donald Trump engaged in insurrection and was disqualified under the Constitution from the Colorado Ballot. The Colorado Supreme Court got it right," The Hill quoted Griswold as saying in a statement.

"This decision is now being appealed. I urge the U.S. Supreme Court to act quickly given the upcoming presidential primary election," the Democratic official insisted.

Court rules Trump can stay on the ballot in Michigan

Controversy surrounding whether or not Trump can appear on the ballot isn't just limited to Colorado, as similar issues are playing out in Michigan.

Breitbart reported on Wednesday that the Michigan Supreme Court refused to reconsider an appeals court decision which found that neither Trump could not be removed.

Trump welcomed the news in Truth Social post, saying that the court had "strongly and rightfully denied the Desperate Democrat attempt to take the leading candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election, me, off the ballot in the Great State of Michigan."

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