Columnist: Biden's about on Houthis 'showed the world that Trump was right'

 January 28, 2024

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows in 2021 when he reversed former President Donald Trump's decision to designate the Houthis as a terror group.

However, Biden reversed course yet again earlier this month by once again labeling the Iranian-backed militants as terrors. According to one columnist, the move has exonerated Trump's sense of judgment. 

"Biden just showed the world that Trump was right"

Christopher Tremoglie writes for the Washington Examiner, and he made that case in an article published this past weekend.

"Biden just showed the world that Trump was right about the designation of the Iranian-backed Houthis as a terrorist organization," he declared.

"It’s another example of Biden proving that he is objectively inferior to Trump regarding foreign policy," Tremoglie wrote, calling the re-designation "a gift" to the former president's campaign.

As Tremoglie pointed out, Houthis have launched against ships in the Red Sea in recent months, with one happening on Saturday.

Journalist: Delisting the Houthis "lightened the Red Sea with missiles"

Tremoglie complained that "Biden prioritized partisan politics instead of sound and logical foreign policy," an assessment with which former Whites House correspondent Gabrielle Cuccia agrees.

"The Biden administration signaled to the American people in the very first month in office that America does not come first," she told Tremoglie.

"For Joe Biden to make one of his first action items in office the removal of the Houthis from a designated terror list, by default, the American people cannot help but lose faith in their institutions," Cuccia stressed.

"Where was Secretary Blinken to advise against such a decision? Show me a storyline where the ‘bad guys’ get the nice treatment, and it works out well," she demanded.

"Removing the Houthis from the terror list did not 'lighten the mood.' It lightened the Red Sea with missiles," Cuccia concluded.

Trump slams Biden for not knowing where defense secretary was

For his part, former President Trump has been highly critical of how his successor has been handling conflict in the Middle East.

That's evident from a January Truth Social post in which he highlighted the fact that Defense Secretary Llyod Austin was hospitalized without the president's knowledge.

"So, let me get this straight. We’re dropping bombs all over the Middle East, AGAIN (where I defeated ISIS!), and our Secretary of Defense, who just went missing for five days, is running the war from his laptop in a hospital room," the Daily Mail quoted Trump as stating.

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