Columnist: Jill Biden once again ignoring Hunter Biden's daughter at Christmas

 December 3, 2023

In an op-ed published this past week, Daily Mail columnist Grace Curley noted how First Lady Jill Biden was in charge of hanging Christmas stockings for her grandchildren. 

Yet in what has become a tradition at the Biden White House, she forgot to leave one out for Hunter Biden's youngest daughter Navy Joan Roberts. 

Hunter Biden said he had "no recollection" of meeting daughter’s mother

"You see, ever since Grampy Joe and Granny Jill have lived in the White House, they've made a grand show of hanging six red and white stockings above the fireplace in the State Dining room. One jolly sock for each of their beloved grandkids," Curley explained. 

"'How sweet,' their media cheerleaders gushed. 'But wait,' a handful of intrepid journalists protested: Don't Nana and Pop have seven grandkids? Oohhh… oohhhh… Do you hear that howling? It's the Ghost of Hunter's Past," she added. 

Curley went on to recall the circumstances of Navy Joan’s conception, saying that "a drug-addled Hunter Biden" met Lundon Roberts while she was working as a stripper.

"I had no recollection of our encounter," Curly quoted Hunter Biden as saying in his memoir. "It's why I would later challenge in court the woman from Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine."

President and first lady only acknowledged granddaughter in July

However, the columnist asserted that this assertion "didn't pass the smell test" as Ms. Roberts "was on the payroll of Hunter's investment firm." What’s more, a subsequent DNA test established Hunter Biden’s paternity.

Curly maintained that "any common standard of basic human decency" should have compelled the president and first lady to acknowledge their seventh grandchild. 

Yet rather than do this, the first couple "pretended the entire ordeal never happened" and only admitted to Navy Joan’s existence this past summer. 

"Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in the best interests of their daughter, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward," a statement provided to People magazine read.

"This is not a political issue, it’s a family matter," the statement continued, adding that the president and first lady "only want what is best for all of our grandchildren, including Navy."

Stockings will be hung privately at Camp David

Yet rather than add a White House stocking for Navy Joan, Curly pointed out that Mr. and Mrs. Biden "have scrapped the display entirely" and will instead be hanging stockings privately at Camp David. 

"This is clumsy cruelty, and it should be called out," Curly wrote. "Nearly as nauseating as the First Family's behavior is the mainstream media's compliance with it all."

"Witness the majority of the news coverage of the Biden White House decorations. They make no mention of that glaring national embarrassment – a naked mantle where those stockings once hung," she declared. 

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