Columnist notes lack of mass protests following murder of New York police officer

 February 13, 2023

Tragedy struck the New York City Police Department earlier this month after one of its officers was shot in the head during an attempted robbery.

Officer Adeed Fayaz subsequently died of his wounds, leaving behind a wife and two children. While they and his fellow officers are devastated, the rest of society remains strangely unaffected. 

No George Floyd-style protests

That fact was pointed out in a piece last Friday by New York Post columnist Adam B. Coleman, who noted that there are few protests when officers get gunned down.

"Likely, in a couple of weeks, everyone will move on and forget all about how Fayaz’s boys no longer have a father to confide in and mimic as they mature, and we’ll lose sight of Fayaz’s widow as she mourns the loss of her other half and the pillar of their family," he wrote.

Coleman next highlighted the mass outpouring of grief following George Floyd's death with the reaction to Fayaz’s killing.

"There won’t be a nationwide ritualistic tour in a golden casket to highlight the injustice of government negligence post-reforms because dead cops aren’t marketable for empathy," the author continued.

Suspect wanted for statutory rape

"We won’t use Fayaz’s murder as a bookmark in time when we rallied together to push for harsher punishment against repeat offenders, because we’re only comfortable with rallying against police officers, not on behalf of them," Coleman stressed.

The man accused of killing Fayaz is career criminal Randy "Popper" Jones. According to the Post, Jones has "an extensive rap sheet" and is wanted in Virginia on statutory rape charges.

What's more, police say Jones is suspected of committing another armed robbery last month in which he allegedly made off with $18,000 in cash.

Nevertheless, Coleman insisted that the response would be far more noticeable if Jones were the one who died unjustly.

Sixty-four officers shot to death in 2022

"Organized protests by outraged citizens for reforms in honor of Fayaz’s memory would only happen in a hallucination state because we’re only supposed to protest if Fayaz killed Jones, not vice versa," he complained.

What's more, Coleman asserted that political figures "only remember the names of people they can feature in fundraising emails — and deceased cops are hard to sell to the donor class."

An article published by U.S. News & World Reports stated that 64 law enforcement officers were fatally shot over the course of last year.

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