Columnist says Tom Cotton would be an "outstanding" VP pick for Trump

 May 9, 2024

There has been much speculation over who former President Donald Trump will choose as his running mate, with some pundits suggesting South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and New York Rep. Elise Stefanik as possible candidates.

Yet in an op-ed piece published on Thursday, Boston Herald columnist Star Parker named someone else who she sees as a great vice presidential contender. 

Columnist: Tom Cotton has "a resume packed with experience"

Parker began the piece by noting how "Trump will not be running for reelection in 2028, and so whoever holds the vice presidency will almost certainly be on the shortlist to be the Republican candidate for the presidency then."

"Given all of this, there is one name I have not seen among those that Trump is considering that I think would be a superb addition," she continued before naming Arkansas Republican Sen. Cotton.

Parker pointed to Cotton's "young" age of 46 but emphasized how he has "a resume packed with experience" that is "on target and relevant to the kind of leadership that our country needs."

She recalled how the senator earned undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard and was awarded a bronze star for his military service in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Parker says Cotton is "an outstanding American" who belongs on the ballot

What's more, Parker pointed to Cotton's record as a pro-life record lawmaker along with his status as a fiscal and social conservative who is "ready to hold the line on our massive wasteful spending while bolstering our faltering defense budget."

"Cotton called for the immediate use of police force to stop the disruptions and has challenged the pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist, antisemitic rhetoric and tone of these demonstrations," she stressed.

Parker also praised the Arkansas senator for having "been courageously clear that the First Amendment is there to protect freedom, not to protect antisemitism or the disruption of education and interference with the lives of those at universities to learn."

She concluded by saying, "The vice presidency, a heartbeat from the presidency, is where this outstanding American belongs."

Kristi Noem dismisses dog questions as "ridiculous"

One person whose chances of joining Trump on the ticket have apparently dropped in recent weeks is South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem.

As Newsweek reported, Noem revealed in her new book that she once shot after it proved to be "untrainable" and killed multiple chickens.

Noem expressed frustration after being grilled over the topic by Fox Business host Stuart Varney, calling his questions "ridiculous."

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