Columnist says Trump isn't the Democrats' real target

 April 10, 2023

Former President Donald Trump made headlines earlier this month when he was indicted on charges surrounding an alleged payoff to former adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Legal experts like Alan Dershowitz have slammed the case against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. However, some say Bragg's real target isn't Trump but anyone who gets in Democrats' way.

Columnist says Democrats want to insure conservatives never "win anything"

They include American Greatness contributor Paul Gottfried, who made that argument in an article published this past weekend.

Rather than being focused on Trump, Gottfried suggested that a similar legal vendetta could just as easily be launched "against any Republican politician whom those in power decided to take down."

"Democrats have been working to make sure the other party will never control the executive branch or win anything like a national majority," he wrote.

"It has also actively persecuted religious conservatives while giving a free hand to leftist activists to terrorize those with whom they disagree," Gottfried insisted.

Law applied selectively

Gottfied is not alone in pointing to that disparity, as Fox News reported last month that Republican senators leveled similar criticism against Attorney General Merrick Garland.

They pointed to how the Department of Justice (DOJ) has gone after pro-life activists while at the same time failing to prosecute those who have vandalized churches and pregnancy care centers.

Gottfried stressed that the situation "is hardly exceptional" as "other Western countries have installed woke leftist regimes that treat any effective democratic opposition as racist, homophobic, and/or antisemitic."

One example can be seen in Canada, where "parents can be prosecuted for a criminal offense if they merely question the changed sexual identity of their child."

Gottfried warns against backing someone "more soft-spoken than Trump"

Meanwhile, Germans who belong to "the non-leftist Alternative for Germany will be dismissed from a government or academic position and may even be professionally washed-out in an already intimidated private sector."

Gottfried thus contends that the "circus is not only about Donald Trump" but "is meant to show how the Democrats and their government and media allies go after someone who stands in their way."

He concludes by saying that "the solution is not bestowing the presidential nomination on someone more soft-spoken than Trump." Instead, it is reining in those who are "subverting constitutional freedoms here and elsewhere in the West."

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