Columnist suggests David Axelrod may 'install' Michelle Obama as nominee

 January 2, 2024

Yet another observer has come forward to suggest that former First Lady Michelle Obama may replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's nominee. 

That argument was made in an article written last week by John Ruddick, a columnist for the Spectator's Australian edition.

Columnist says David Axelrod may "install" Mrs. Obama as nominee

Specifically, Ruddick predicted that former Obama White House advisor David Axelrod "may be about to launch his most audacious campaign yet: installing Michelle Obama as the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2024."

Ruddick pointed to Biden's abysmal polling numbers that show him losing the national popular vote to former President Joe Biden.

A recent survey from USA Today and Suffolk University shows Biden is struggling badly with African Americans, Latinos, and young voters, all of which are demographics that the Democratic Party has counted on.

Poll shows Trump winning among Latinos and young voters

The poll found that Biden's support among black voters has declined to 63%, a far cry from the 87% he enjoyed three years ago.

Worse still, the poll found that the president is losing Hispanic voters, being backed by just 34% compared with the 39% of respondents who said they favored Trump.

That figure stands in sharp contrast with the 65% of Latinos who voted for him in 2020. A similar gap reversal seems to have occurred with voters under 25, whom the poll found now support Trump by a four-point margin.

However, Axelrod has long denied that the former first lady has any interest in mounting a White House run, a sentiment he expressed to conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt in 2016.

Axelrod said in 2016 he would "bet everything" against Mrs. Obama running

"People say to me all the time, 'Well, do you think she might run for office sometime?' I would bet everything that I own against that prospect," Politico quoted Axelrod as saying.

"She is not someone who loves politics at all. And I don’t think she’s really out there as a political figure now. She’s out there because she feels passionately about the choice here," he continued.

Axelrod went on to describe Mrs. Obama as being "a reluctant conscript to politics" who prefers "giving speeches that are very sort of value-laden and personal."

"I honestly think she’s gonna be very happy to get her life back when this is over and recede a little bit from the public," he concluded.

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