Comer points to Biden impeachment vote in the spring

 November 25, 2023

Top Biden investigator James Comer (Ky.) hinted at a vote to impeach Joe Biden sometime in the spring during an interview with Fox News.

Comer was pressed by Hannity host Jeanine Pirro on when the American people can expect a vote.

The House Oversight chairman pointed to the spring but said the timeline would depend on the cooperation of witnesses.

"The sooner, the better. It just depends on when these people come in for their depositions and transcribed interviews. We have about 24 people that we want to hear from, and we’re expecting to hear from them in the next 45 days," he said.

Impeachment update...

The White House and its allies in the media have long cited the absence of a "smoking gun" to dismiss Comer's investigation.

But Comer cites a growing body of evidence, including bank wires, e-mails, and text messages that show Biden played a central role in a shadowy influence peddling operation.

"I think we produced many smoking guns,” Comer said. “There are people in the mainstream media that want to say otherwise. But poll after poll comes out and shows that the American people are keeping up with this investigation and they realize that something bad is going on here.”

A new poll found that 6 in 10 Americans believe Joe Biden played a role in his son's business.

No evidence?

Biden is known to have had dozens of contacts with his son's business partners, despite denying any knowledge of his son's business for years.

Republicans also cite suspicious wire transfers from abroad to Biden's family members and checks to Joe from his brother - described by the White House as innocent loan repayments - as signs of money laundering.

"We're concerned that it appears that at least 20 of his LLCs appear to be nothing more than shell companies that were set up to receive wires from foreign nationals and to deceive the IRS," Comer said.

"We want to know exactly what role Joe played and why Joe has been so dishonest with the American people about his knowledge and involvement."

Republicans are also looking into efforts to "cover-up" the Bidens' corruption at the Justice Department, Comer said.

"We are talking about money laundering. We are talking about tax evasion. We are talking about securities fraud, and the list goes on and on and on. These are very serious crimes that any other American would have already gone to prison over."

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