Comer says 'multiple' criminal referrals to come from Biden impeachment inquiry

 March 18, 2024

House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said Sunday on Fox News that the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden will lead to "multiple" criminal referrals.

Comer made the comments while he was discussing a planned public hearing to be held this week and Hunter Biden's decision not to participate in it after giving a private deposition last month.

“If he does not show up, then it’s not going to end well for the Bidens, because we have three witnesses that … have already testified under oath to significantly different stories as to what exactly the Biden influence peddling schemes were,” he told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo.

“This is very serious, because we’re at the point now of criminal referrals,” Comer added.

Targets unknown

Comer declined to name who the referrals would be against, only that there would be "multiple" referrals.

There has been a great deal of evidence given in depositions so far that belies statements by Joe and Hunter Biden that the president did not know anything about and was never involved in any of his family's business dealings.

Defenders of the Biden family, including Joe and Hunter, have claimed that the probe is just a "sham" inquiry and that there are no impeachable offenses, despite the clear evidence.

For his part, Comer said there has been "massive" obstruction from the Biden White House and its legal team to the inquiry, but that he and the Oversight Committee have been able to get about 80% of the information they requested.

“We have accumulated lots of evidence of wrongdoing, from the 170 suspicious activity reports, to the multiple shell companies that were used to launder the money and then send the ten different Biden family members incremental payments, all the payments from Romania, from Kazakhstan, from Ukraine, from Russia that were sent to the Bidens during — most of which was — happened during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president of the United States,” Comer said.

Biden family profiting millions from "adversaries"

“We have given the Bidens opportunities to explain what business they were actually in. And, as of this point, I can’t tell you a single legitimate business the Bidens had, other than they were influence peddling,” Comer added. “And I think most Americans would agree that we don’t need the immediate family of our President of the United States profiting to the tune of tens of millions of dollars from our adversaries around the world.”

He continued, “So we’re at the point of holding people accountable for criminal wrongdoing. And I think we have already demonstrated several instances of criminal mischief by multiple members of the Biden family.”

Mainstream news sources like ABC News suggested that Comer may be pointing to criminal referrals as an "exit strategy" for a "struggling" impeachment inquiry and that it's possible Joe Biden may never face an actual impeachment.

"At the end of the day, what does accountability look like? It looks like criminal referrals. It looks like referring people to the Department of Justice," Comer said.

The Justice Department is not required to act on any criminal referrals, and it's entirely possible that under Biden, it wouldn't.

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