Comer Suggests Democrats Want Biden Impeached As Well

September 9, 2023

Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky recently unleashed a brutal truth that America's federal liberals are NEVER going to want to admit.

Joe Biden MUST GO.

And liberals apparently know it. They'll just never admit it.

Comer actually went on national television and confirmed that he thinks that many of America's liberals want Biden out of office as well, they're just too chicken to stick their neck out and say that, so they're hoping Republicans do the dirty work.

That way, these dishonest liberals will be able to be rid of Biden without ever having to have turned on their own party.

It was the perfect plan./

UNTIL it was exposed.

If Joe Biden is impeached, it's nothing but a win/win situation for liberals.

You see, impeachment proceedings against a sitting president can actually unite America behind the party in office.

By secretly hoping for an impeachment, liberals are looking for the best of both worlds.

Either it works, and they're rid of Joe Biden; or it doesn't work, and American voters are more united behind Democrats.

Comer thinks Democrats WANT an impeachment against Biden.

"I think they’re egging us on because history has shown that when Clinton was impeached the Republicans" lost seats.

Comer actually said that Republicans lost the majority in 1998, but a quick fact-check showed that wasn't true. So he's either lying, or confused. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

So what would be best for AMERICA?

"The difference here between Clinton lying about his affair and Trump having a phone call asking about corruption with Ukraine, which by the way did happen by Joe Biden, what we have here with Joe Biden is a situation where he’s lied countless times about his knowledge and involvement in what is a major corruption story,” Comer said. “I think this is the biggest corruption story that we have ever seen from a high-ranking politician in the history of America. I mean, we’ve got a president whose family is selling access to him to bad people in bad country and now we are finding results of where he has done things to benefit these bad people like, when he fired the prosecutor in Ukraine, Shokin, because the prosecutor was investigating his son for corruption."

Is it worth playing into their hands to do what's right?

"This is not like any other time of impeachment that I think our country has seen before," Comer concluded.

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Thomas Jefferson
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