Committee votes to removed Massachusetts school superintendent

 June 1, 2024

The Cambridge School Committee has voted to remove Superintendent Victoria Greer. 

The final vote, according to the local outlet WBUR, was five to two, with five committee members voting to remove Greer and voting to keep her.

The removal, though, is not immediate. Rather, Greer has been given 90 days to resign from her position.

This comes after Greer spent three years as the superintendent of Cambridge schools in Massachusetts. The big question is why Greer has been voted out by the committee.

Here's what we know:

Boston Local News reports, "The decision comes after a tumultuous year for Greer, where she disappointed in a yearly review and was under fire from parents about an elementary school teacher she hired."

The hiring controversy was over Greer's choice of Kathleen Smith to be the principal at Graham and Parks School.

"Greer’s hiring practices came under scrutiny in part because of Kathleen Smith, the principal at Graham and Parks School. Smith was hired in 2022 after eight years as principal at Underwood Elementary in Newton, where she was the subject of an internal investigation into reports of fear and intimidation," Boston reports.

The outlet adds, "After a coalition of parents raised concerns about Smith through a petition, the district launched an external investigation in February. Parents wondered how Smith was hired as principal while Newton Public Schools’ internal report described problems with 'bullying, professional boundaries, and 'climate,' noting 'no empathy for staff.'"

Many believe that Greer's hiring of Smith played some role in Greer's removal.

"Needs improvement"

Boston also brought up the fact that Greer performed rather poorly in a yearly review. You can read the entire, July 2023, "Superintendent Evaluation by the School Committee," here.

Boston reports, "Last July, Greer received a 'needs improvement' rating in her annual review. The School Committee cited concerns in Greer’s hiring processes, her management, and communication with stakeholders, member Rachel Weinstein wrote in her monthly blog."

This also is believed to have played a role in the committee's decision to part ways with Greer. But, the bottom line is that we do not know exactly why the committee has voted Greer out because the committee, at the time of this writing, has yet to release a statement explaining why.

Greer, for her part, has also not released a statement on the matter.

Greer is expected to resign from the superintendent position this summer. It is unclear who the next superintendent will be.

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