Congressional Hispanic Caucus in state of turmoil due to poor leadership: Report

February 13, 2023

House Democrats are experiencing turmoil in many regards, but the most recent alarming situation for the left involves the influential Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC). 

According to JustTheNews, shrinking staff and general upheaval within the caucus ranks are being blamed on Chairwoman Nanette Barragan, who many say is simply not the leader that the CHC needs.

While the CHC has dealt with many issues, the final nail in the proverbial coffin seems to have come from Barragan firing caucus Executive Director Jacky Usyk.

That particular firing reportedly upset a number of members of the CHC, enough to where Barragan's job is now at risk as they consider teaming up to oust her.

Brewing issues

Hispanic voters have traditionally been a massively important voting bloc for Democrats, and remain so to this day. However, in the past few election cycles, Hispanic support has impressively shifted from the left to the right, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down.

Undoubtedly, that painful reality for the conference probably made tensions run high.

Add in the reportedly poor leadership under Barragan, and the CHC is in real trouble.

CBS News reports:

Barragán, 46, represents parts of South Los Angeles and areas around the Port of Los Angeles and has served since 2017. She became CHC chair in January, leading a group that now boasts a record 42 members serving in the House and Senate, all of them Democrats.


"Without institutional knowledge/memory, the CHC will suffer. I guess Nanette doesn't value that at all," one CHC House Democratic member said.

Lucky break

On Monday, the CHC ultimately handed Barragan a victory in the sense that it didn't decide to kick her out.

Hilariously, in true Democrat virtue-signaling, race-identity political maneuvering, Barragan's job was apparently ultimately saved by her gender and ethnicity.

"The prospect of removing Ms. Barragán and replacing her with likely contender for the role Rep. Adriano Espaillat, New York Democrat, brought up concerns that it would be the second time a Hispanic woman was passed over for the post," the Washington Times noted.

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