Congressman says Biden should be impeached for lifting Iran sanctions

 February 4, 2024

Shortly after taking office, President Joe Biden moved to rescind sanctions that had been placed on Iran by former President Donald Trump.

Republicans now say that recent attacks by Iranian-backed terror groups have vindicated Trump's approach. What's more, some say they need to force Biden's hand. 

Florida congressman says Biden helps Iran "fund their terrorist network"

According to the Washington Examiner, Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Gimenez is among those who are calling for a resumption of Trump's policy regarding sanctions.

"Why [Biden] would want Iran to have additional funding that they can use against our allies and against Americans is beyond me. It makes absolutely no sense," Gimenez said in an interview with the newspaper.

"You lift sanctions on Iran, and they're not going to act well. They’re going to fund their terrorist network. They’re going to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, and everybody else that just wants to cause chaos," he continued.

The congressman went on to insist that the president's actions are "benefiting dictatorial, and oppressive regimes around the world."

Lawmaker links lifting of sanctions to killing of Americans

Gimenez further asserted that when Biden has to decide between doing what is  "good for American interests or bad for American interests, he always chooses what’s bad for American interests."

"He is wrong every single time, every single time," the Republican lawmaker complained, adding," He seems to be working against it on purpose."

In a series of social media posts last week, Gimenez linked Biden's lifting of sanctions on Iran to recent attacks by Iranian-back proxies, including one that killed three Americans stationed in Jordan.

"Biden’s failure to isolate the regime in Iran, annihilate Hamas, [and] support our strategic partners in the Middle East has emboldened the enemies of freedom to target, attack, [and] murder US troops," he declared.

Gimenez says impeachment is Congress' only option

"Oil sanctions need to be immediately reimposed on the Iranian regime and Biden should’ve taken action much sooner to adequately deter further attacks from [Iran and] its terrorist proxies," the representative asserted.

However, Gimenez told the Examiner that calls for action will only go so far with Biden unless the threat of impeachment is on the table.

"We can condemn the actions, but at the end of the day, it's not Congress that can solve this problem. It’s going to have to be a new president," Gimenez said.

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